Liana Kanga Brings Fast Food Crime Comic TRVE KVLT to Kickstarter

Liana Kangas, artist/co-creator of She Said Destroy, the Joe Corallo-penned sci-fi/fantasy that made for one of Vault Comics' strongest ever debuts, has brought a new title to Kickstarter. Pitched as a "heavy metal fast food crime" comic that touches on the satanic panic, loneliness, and apathy, TRVE KVLT is entering its final week on the crowdfunding website that is becoming a steadier and steadier pillar of the comics industry.

TRVE KVLT Kickstarter image. Credit: Liana Kangas
TRVE KVLT Kickstarter image. Credit: Liana Kangas

The creative team… or, as the campaign page calls them, "Burger Lord employees," consists of writer Scott Bryan Wilson, Liana Kangas, who is also known for Black Mask's Black AF and Space Between Entertainment's Destiny NY, colorist Gab Contreras, letterer DC Hopkins, and marketer Jazzlyn Stone with Jamez Savage credited for color assists. They pitch the book as:

Marty is stuck at his dead-end job at Burger Lord and the last 15 years have passed him by. What happens when he accidentally steals a supernatural weapon from an insane cult full of violent lunatics, led by a monster in human form? Will his manager and best friend Bernice roll her eyes and fire him? Will hopeful employee Alison get roped into Marty's unholy troubles? Will cashier Sonja just make out with her boyfriend Rat Blood in the parking lot and miss all the excitement?

Comics writer Vita Ayala, who has been on a meteoric rise with their work on the X-Men franchise, spoke on the book as well:

Clever, funny, and charming, TRVE KVLT speaks to anyone who has ever felt trapped at a dead-end job. It has the feel of Empire Records and High Fidelity, but for the current era. The characters feel like real, relatable people, and the art is a perfect mix of grounded and a touch of the fantastical. This is a Coen Brothers movie with an Oliver Stone twist!

It's great to see established creators bringing powerful and unique concepts to Kickstarter. During a time when it seemed as if the industry were unstable as ever during the pandemic, many creators have spoken on social media about increased activity on Kickstarter, with more projects and more backers driven to the platform. Many are saying that Kickstarter is a huge part of the future of comics, but it would be more accurate to say that it's an essential part of the industry in the present, right now.

TRVE KVLT, which looks to be an entertaining book and is already making for hilarious mishaps with YouTubers and podcasters who have likely never listed to CHVRCHES, try to pronounce the title, is on Kickstarter for five more days.

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