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The roster of talent includes Kyle Starks, Jim Mahfood, Kim Jacinto, David Mack, Ramon Villalobos, Tyler Kirkham, Boss Logic, Michael Calero, Eskivo, Wesley Snipes, Kevin Eastman, Kit Wallis, Terbor Richardson, Drew Zucker, Kevin Roditel, Chrissie Zullo, Alex Reigel, Marc Ellerby, Javan Jordan, Victoria Douglas, Clay Adams, Rob Cammon, Ariel Diaz, Marco Lopez, Max Hoven, Valentina[...]
Skybound Announces Creative Team Lineup for Creepshow #4
Creepshow #4 will feature two stories, one by the creative team of Kyle Starks and Fran Galán, and the other by Henry Barajas and Dani Creepshow is a comic book anthology based on Greg Nicotero's hit Shudder TV series based on the 1982 George Romero and Stephen King film inspired by the EC Horror Comics[...]
I Hate This Place #1 Is The Biggest Launch of Kyle Starks’ Career
Kyle Starks has become one of the go-to writers for Skybound's big original series launches, from Assassin Nation with Erica Henderson in 2019 to Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton with Chris Schweizer just last year. Skybound also recently announced a new comic series from Starks, Artyom Topilin, and Lee Loughridge titled F*ck This Place but soon changed[...]
Six Sidekicks Of Trigger Keaton #4 Review: Much To Enjoy
RATING: BUY. Six Sidekicks Of Trigger Keaton #4 By Kyle Starks, Chris Schweizer My friends, our screwball quintet are planning a heist! But will this team-up survive? Will they finally get their man? What to expect: Idiotic plots! Kung Fu Action! Stuntman warfare! Bad ideas! Good ideas! Twists! Turns! Questionable detective work! With an iconoclastic visual presentation, a[...]
Six Sidekicks Of Trigger Keaton #3 Review: Enthralling
Four of the sidekicks, already tired from almost being horribly killed themselves several times, recruit the diminutive woman (with some reluctance from one party) to help keep them from getting killed … and this issue we find out why. Kyle Starks is the king of the throwaway one-liner ("I'll stop your motion!") with a script that[...]
Six Sidekicks Of Trigger Keaton #2 Review: Engaging Work
After he died under somewhat suspicious circumstances, six actors who played second banana to him came together to see if he was murdered, and if so, who did it? This script by Kyle Starks showcases how one of Keaton's projects introduced a ridiculously rare car that becomes a pivotal element in this issue's plot As an[...]
The Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton, a new action-mystery series from Eisner-nominees Kyle Starks (SexCastle, Assassin Nation) and Chris Schweizer (Crogan Adventures).
Today Image/Skybound Entertainment have announced The Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton, a new action-mystery series from Kyle Starks of SexCastle and Assassin Nation, and Chris Schweizer of Crogan Adventures. The world's most unlikable action star has been found dead, and his previous TV sidekicks take it upon themselves to find out who killed him[...]