Scout's Honor #5 Review: Highly Recommended

Scouts Honor #5 starts with a flashback that provides great room for a wonderful callback; this action-packed series finale builds wonderfully on everything that has happened before. Likewise, elements of "hoisted by his own petard" come into play with the series' Seventh Law for a wonderful bit of dramatic resolution, giving each main character a complete arc.

Scout's Honor #5 Review: Highly Recommended
Scout's Honor #5 Cover. Credit: Aftershock Comics

Kit is considered a "heretic," a teenaged girl who has masqueraded as a boy to be a member of the Ranger Scouts, the only semblance of order in a post thermonuclear dystopia. For years, Kit has worked her way up the ranks to become one of the best of her organization, working carefully to hide her gender, which is prohibited by the Third Law, prohibiting non-cis-gendered males from being Scouts. Now, armed with the knowledge of the Scouts' true, less than noble, origins Kit is focused on ripping the shroud off all the lies and creating a more equitable, level playing field.

Writer David Pepose has created a rich, engrossing conclusion to this personal, gritty post-apocalyptic tale. This is aided by visual storytelling that hits a lot of great notes with action scenes and emotive faces (courtesy of Luca Casalanguida), shifts in color to denote both environment and tone (thanks to Matt Milla), and crisp, clear lettering from Carlos M. Mangual to communicate these great ideas.

No strings are left untied by the end of this wonderful tale of honor and secrets coming to life, and this book is highly recommended. RATING: BUY.

Scout's Honor #5
By David Pepose, Luca Casalanguida
Determined to bring the truth behind Doctor Jefferson Hancock's death to her people, Kit will be forced into the fight of her life against the forces of Scoutmaster Shepherd – but with the future of the Colorado Badlands at stake, can even a Scout's honor be enough to win the day?

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