Achievements Have Been Leaked For GoldenEye 007 Remaster

It looks like that longtime rumored GoldenEye 007 remaster has pretty much been confirmed as a new leak shows to Xbox achievements. For years people have been demanding that Rare Ltd. make a remastered version of the original N64 game, bringing back the FPS title that followed some of the film, but mainly demanding the four-player deathmatch mode that made the game a hit and become a staple of the console's history. (We're sure MGM didn't mind the boost of promotion to their first Bond film featuring Pierce Brosnan, either.) Over the years there have been ROM hacks and indie versions of it made, as well as that really weird Nintendo Wii version from 2010, but a proper remaster of the original from Rare or it's parent company Xbox Game Studios has always been either a rumor or a canceled plan for years… until recently.

Achievements Have Been Leaked For GoldenEye 007 Remaster
Credit: Rare Ltd.

The latest leak to come out revolving around the game is a list of achievements for what appears to be an Xbox One version of the game. The Wario64 account, which is usually pretty good on getting info like this, took a picture of the achievement list for the game showing off many of the tasks you can be rewarded for in the game.

The vast majority of them are achievements for completing certain levels like you normally would, but the is also a list of achievements for completing certain levels in under a certain amount of time to unlock new modes. Just like you used to be able to do in the N64 version, only now you get confirmation for it beyond running to see if you unlocked it in multiplayer. There's no official release date set for this game at the moment, but 2022 will be the game's 25th Anniversary, so it seems like August 2022 might be the right time to put a remastered GoldenEye 007 out.

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