There Is A Bob Ross Funko Pop Coming, And It Rules

Bob Ross Funko Pop

Funko has made Pop's of a lot of things. Comic characters, movie heroes, cereal box mascots, cartoon characters. Nothing is too hard to imagine as a Funko Pop, and that is part of their charm. I write about them quite a bit around here, and every once in awhile, like the other day with the Parks and Rec Pops, they announce something so great that it just brings a smile to my face. this would be one of those times. Yes, you are not seeing things: There will soon be a Bob Ross Funko Pop. The Funko blog had the happy announcement:

Happy little trees.
You heard it, Bob Ross is joining the Funko family!
The soft-spoken creator and host of The Joy of Painting,
is now receiving the Pop! vinyl treatment.

Get to painting and add him to your
collection this Summer!

Now, if you don't know who this is: I feel sorry for you. But he hosted a art show on syndicated TV for years called The Joy of Painting, and it is a fantastic watch. He really was just the sweetest man in existence, and you can still watch the show on Netflix. Sadly, he passed away back in 1995. He has become an American legend however, a folk hero who believed that anyone could paint. I could prove him wrong in about 5 seconds if I tired, but that was not the point. There are Bob Ross clubs, shirts, cartoons. He is reported to have completed around 30,000 paintings in his lifetime, many of which were donated to fundraisers and PBS. While it doesn't seem to be the case on this Pop, he was even missing a finger! Basically, I feel this Pop is well-deserved and I hope they sell 1000's of these. I know that I will be a Bob Ross Funko Pop.

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