Cyberpunk RPG Keylocker's New Trailer Shows Off Classes

There may be a hotly-anticipated cyberpunk-centric adventure coming this November, but Moonana's turn-based cyberpunk RPG Keylocker may very well hold you over until November rolls around. The game now has a new trailer out that showcases four of the game's playable character classes to give you an idea of what to expect from the title when it debuts.

Cyberpunk RPG Keylocker looks great in its latest trailer. Courtesy of Moonana.
Cyberpunk RPG Keylocker looks great in its latest trailer. Courtesy of Moonana.

The rhythm-centric RPG takes place in a world without music. It includes four classes: the Sequencer, Hacker, Juggernaut, and Samurai. The game will include different branching classes from the first four as well, including new headgear, skill trees, and other surprises.

Here's the official description of the game from developer Moonana: "In a silent world where music has been prohibited, B0B0 will serenade her rebellion against the vicious authorities by banding together with the Jukebot drummer, Rocket, to shatter the strings of fate and sing the melody of freedom in this unforgiving Rhythm Turn-Based JRPG."

As far as the game's aesthetic, it has an extremely charming retro look to it that you'll definitely appreciate if you like classic DOS games or even PC Engine titles. It's colorful as well, which already sets it apart from a wide variety of games out on the market. It doesn't appear that there's a release date for Keylocker just yet, but if the above appeals to you, it might be a game you want to add to your wishlist. It's just unique enough to deserve to be on your radar along with the rest of the titles coming out during the rest of 2020. The rhythm part is especially intriguing, but so are the classes, if we're being honest.

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