Bungie Finally Reveals The Destiny 2 Open Beta Dates

Bungie Finally Reveals The Destiny 2 Open Beta Dates

The Destiny 2 open console beta has a date, but that date is different depending on your pre-order status. All players are able to check out the beta content during the weekend of July 21 through July 23. But if you pre-order, you can expect a few additional days with the content. Pre-order on PS4, and you gain early access on July 18. Pre-order on Xbox One, and your early access starts on July 19. We still don't have word on when PC players will be able to get in on Destiny 2's open beta, if at all.

The beta announcement comes alongside another trailer which makes it seem like we'll get much of the same content in the beta as was shown at E3 a few weeks ago. You can expect to play the first story mission, a cooperative strike set on the destination world of Nessus, and try out competitive play in the Countdown game type.

That should give you a decent indication of how Destiny 2 will play, but it also is a different beta experience than you may have been expecting; the Destiny 1 beta offered an extended section of the open world for exploration, and the opportunity to level up your Guardian several times to get a sense of progression. It looks like those elements of Destiny 2 are being held until the game's official launch. Having gotten a chance to poke around in Destiny 2 during E3, I can assure you that the multiplayer experience in Destiny 2 is remarkably similar to what you're used to from the first game, just with some minor tweaks to supers and game balance. What I'm most looking forward to with the beta is a chance to check out the first story mission and strike, as stikes have always been fun as hell, and story isn't exactly Bungie's strong suit.

Destiny 2 is set for launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6. A later launch for PC is scheduled for October 24. The open beta announcement is below.



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