Fantastic Four Is Back! In Figure Form, From Hasbro, With Their New Sue Storm Figure

Marvel Legends Sue Storm 14

So much has been made about Marvel ignoring the Fantastic Four that I never thought I would see this happen, but there I was last night, walking through Walgreens and I found the new Walgreens exclusive Sue Storm Marvel Legends figure from Hasbro. FF is such a special property, and it is a crying shame that they cannot get their act together and bring Marvel's first family back to the kind of prominence they deserve on the comics side. The less said about the films the better, while the first two Fox films were passable at best, the last one was a complete disaster that made people look back at the old Roger Corman one fondly. That's not a sentence I ever thought I would type.

I am quite happy to say however that Hasbro has given us a special figure here, well-deserving of a space on your Legends shelf. If you are a MOC collector, this has been the standard line look for quite awhile now, but man does it feel cool to see the 4 logo everywhere. I love the giant one on the background on the insert, and the key art on the side of the package really pops as well in blue. I will say that my Walgreens had four of these, and in all four the figures legs were oddly bent in the tray, so that is something to keep an eye out for.

I will start by saying that the H.E.R.B.I.E. included in here is a cool pack-in. A solid piece of white plastic, the only point of articulation is a head that turns to the side. I will say that mine has a perfect paint job, no color run or splotches so thats nice. Herbs is an important part of FF history, so its pretty neat they included him here.

And then we have Sue. I'm just going to come right out and say that I love this figure. I did have to search through the ones on the shelf pretty carefully, a couple of the ones had weird slashes up by her eyes, and there were lots of paint issues around the 4 on her chest and on the neckline. Thankfully, I got one without those problems. The figure comes with interchangeable left hands: one gloved and a matching translucent hand. I am going to display mine with both translucent hands, I love the look of it. They did a great job on that effect as well, the blue and black hue really make all the difference there. The body on the figure is the same buck used for the Kate Bishop Hawkeye figure, and from now on i suspect it will be called the Sue Storm buck, because it fits the character perfectly. The head sculpt is also pretty spiffy, I had zero issues turning it at all. Mine had some issues with warping on the legs from the package, but they were easily fixed.

I really do not have much negative to say here, this figure is a must buy. Next up is Human Torch, and with Mr. Fantastic reportedly showing up in Walgreens computer systems, it looks like we are going to get the full team. Thing has not been revealed yet, I would look for news about them at SDCC. For now, go get Sue and enjoy.


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