The First Hour Of Star Citizen 3.0 Has Found Its Way Online

Star Citizen has been in development for a very long time. It's been over five years now, to be precise, which has led many to write the game off despite the humongous amounts of money it has made since its Kickstarter debut. However, some kind of end seems to be in sight. 3.0 of the game, something akin to 'Early Access'. It was dropped in October to a very select few players, and even though it's out, like most things with this game, it's still shrouded in mystery.

Videos have mostly been from the developer painting it in the best light they can, and the tiny group of people chosen to test are under NDA, so getting player feedback has been tough. That all being said, here is probably our best look at it so far.

User Xenthor Xi (via Eurogamer) has posted up an hour of uninterrupted footage of the game in action so we can really get a good idea of what this game actually is. It's mostly just setup and the player landing on planets. No denying it certainly looks impressive, though. Take a look:

Here's hoping 3.0 finds its way out to the public soon. People have wanted to play this game for half a decade. We're ready.