Fortnite: Endgame Pits You Against Thanos with Avengers-Themed Weapons

Fortnite is Still Teasing a New Avengers Crossover, This Time With Stormbreaker
credit// Epic Games

After teasing the mode all this week, Epic Games has released the details on the new Fortnite and Avengers crossver, Fortnite: Endgame.

As you might expect, Fortnite: Endgame is a new Fortnite mode which lets players face off against Thanos and hordes of Chitauri soldiers. Thanos is hunting for the six Infinity Stones scattered across the Fortnite map, and players are tasked to stop him before he gets off a "Snap Royale." To make the fight a bit less one-sided in favor of everyone's least favorite purple alien dictator, the mode gives players access to some of the more iconic Avengers weapons including Captain America's shield, Hawkeye's bow, Thor's Stormbreaker axe, and a pair of Iron Man gauntlets.

Along with the new game mode, Fortnite has added some new collectibles in honor of the crossover event. For players who complete various challenges, they'll be able to unlock new banners, sprays, and a Quinjet Glider. Two new skins are being added to the game's store. The first lets you wear Black Widow's outfit, including a Widow's Bite Pickaxe and a custom emote. The second skin hasn't been revealed yet, but it will be released early next week.

We don't know how long Fortnite: Endgame will be available, but the timeline will likely be similar to the Infinity War event from last year.

You can check the new mode out in the trailer below.

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