Funko Finally Reveals Their Last Jedi/Force Friday II Products

Funko, like everyone else (for some reason), had to wait until the day before release to actually reveal their entire line of products that will support The Last Jedi. Why? Nobody knows. These things have been leaking onto stores shelves and being purchased for weeks now, but still they had to wait. Nothing like not telling people what is coming so they can budget and plan ahead, right Lucasfilm?

Sigh. Anyway, here it all is, in all its glory:

"The newest chapter in the Star Wars saga is coming to theaters
December 15th, but you can start collecting Funko
from Star Wars: The Last Jedi on 9/1!

Funko is excited to reveal your favorite characters from
Star Wars: The Last Jedi as Galactic Plushies, Wobblers,
Pop! Pens, Water Bottles, Lanyard, Mystery Minis and, of course, Pop!

Rey, Finn, Poe, Kylo and BB-8 are back for more adventures and
are joined by new characters you're sure to love.

Who doesn't want their own Porg?

Collect them all before returning to a galaxy far,
far away this December. In stores 9/1!"

First up are Wobblers. We get three to choose from, although anything Porg involved will be what people are gunning for.

Some home goods and such are next, with the popular Pop pens and some reusable cups joining a new Pop Lanyard.

Mystery minis are next, with three different stores getting exclusives: Walmart gets Resistance BB Unit, Kylo Ren Unmasked, and Praetorian Guard; Walgreens gets Praetorian Guard, C'ai Threnalli, and holographic Snoke; and GameStop gets Rey, First Order Executioner, and Porg with open wings.

Funko Galactic Plushies will be all the rage, I have held the Porg in my hand and it will be tough to get after this weekend. Walgreens again with all the exclusives here: Supreme Leader Snoke, and Praetorian Guard, along with a 12-inch Chewbacca.

Then there are the Pops. And there are A LOT of Pops. Of these, the tough gets will be the Chase and regular Porgs and the Luke Skywalker. Snoke is pretty sweet-looking there, that's a really great look at what he actually looks like not as a hologram.

We also get three straight repacks of Force Awakens Pops: Flametrooper, Captain Phasma, and the First Order Snowtrooper.

Onto exclusives. Walgreens gets two exclusive versions of the Praetorian Guard.

Hot topic checks in with two exclusive Porgs: one with its mouth open that is a chase and a flocked version.

Walmart gets arguably the best exclusive with Leia, and a resistance BB unit.

Funko The Last Jedi Pop DJ Gamestop

GameStop gets the DJ Pop — we still do not know much about this character.

Funko The Last jedi Pop Chewbacca FYE

FYE gets a flocked Chewbacca holding a Porg.

Funko The Last Jedi Pop Kylo Ren TRU

Toys R Us gets a masked Kylo in his new outfit.

Funko The Last Jedi Pop BB 9E Box Lunch

Box Lunch gets an exclusive version of the First Order BB-9E unit.

Funko The Last Jedi Pop BB Unit Best Buy

Best Buy gets a two-pack exclusive of the regular BB-8 and BB-9E droids.

Funko The Last Jedi Pop Porg Target

Target gets a wing-spread Porg.

And, finally, Costco gets three and four Funko Pop packs of the regular releases featuring the Rebels and the First Order.

All of this except the glasses will be in stores tomorrow. I hope you budgeted for this, and good luck finding all the exclusives!

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