Justice League Funko Pops Arriving 3 Months Before the Film In August


After being teased at Toy Fair earlier this year, we finally have our glam shots of the first Justice League Pop figures from Funko, as revealed on their blog. While no exclusives are shown, you can take it to the bank that there will be some. At least 4 Batmans anyway, give or take. All six members are represented here: Batman, Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman. the standout for me here is the Superman Pop, I love the pose they have him in, that just-about-to-take-off pose is so iconic, and he is looking pretty alive there isn't he? Aquaman is also a standout, although I wish his tattoos were visible. The Batman is interesting as well, but honestly I have like 10 Batman Pops and I don't even like Batman, so I will not be picking this one up. I am curious to see what store exclusives may be coming though. Man, that Flash costume just does nothing for me. The Pop actually does not look too bad, but that look just does nothing for me.

I am sure this is far from the only wave they will be doing from the film, as I am sure that there will be other cameos and looks from the film they probably can't reveal or release until after it opens. These will be hitting in August, so there is a chance we get another wave before that. Curious as well is the early release. Alien: Covenant hits theaters this weekend and those Pops are not coming out until June. So, for them to be 3 months early tells me they are not done.

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