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Let's Take a Look at the LEGO Ideas Tron: Legacy Set

Tron and LEGO go together like peanut butter and chocolate (sorry, I hate jelly). So when the LEGO Ideas Tron: Legacy set was first shown, I got excited — but didn't get my hopes up that it would actually come to fruition. I loved Tron: Legacy; I thought it succeeded on every level. Well, maybe not the digital version of Jeff Bridges, but the technology wasn't there yet. Other than that, though, I rewatch that film all the time. As the set got the 10,000 backers, I started to wonder if it could actually happen — could we actually get a Tron LEGO set? The answer is of course yes, as I walked out of the LEGO Store today with mine. Let's take a look!

The first thing I will say is this: at $34.99, the set is too expensive. This is only 230 bricks. For comparison, LEGO Star Wars Ahch-To Training set is 241 bricks and costs $30, while over in their Marvel line Thor's Weapon Quest is 231 bricks and only $20. Basically, this one costs more because it is an Ideas set.

Moving past that, once the box is open the set is split into two bags — one for The Grid and minifigs, the other for the light cycles. The booklet is really neat, giving the history of the set's creators and some info on the film.

The build is not all that complicated. The first bag takes about 10 minutes tops. The three minifigs — Rinzler, Sam Flynn, and Quorra — all come with identity discs that attach to their backs, or can be held in their hands. The Grid is simple to build as well; it works as the display base for the cycles. The second bag is a bit more complicated, but once you finish Rinzler's cycle, Sam's is a breeze.

I love the brick colors; they are so different from what we have gotten in sets in the past, especially the blue. They really nailed the look of the film — I could hear the Daft Punk soundtrack in my head as I snapped each brick together. All three minifigs look perfect. However, good luck getting them to actually hold the sticks on the light cycles. Oh man, it took forever to get them in position so it looked right. Very frustrating.

Overall, picking up the Tron set will depend on two things: how big a fan you are and whether you can overlook the pricing. As a fan of the property, I am more than happy with this purchase. It makes for a great display piece, and anytime I can get my hands on Tron stuff I am going to jump all over it. For others, however, I can see why someone would pass this up. It is not a very big set, and it's not a long build at all. For the price, there are better sets that offer more value for your dollar. It all depends on your perspective.

If you would like to add this to your collection, it is in LEGO Stores now, or you can order online here.

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