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Friends Central Perk LEGO Set Coming Soon

Friends Central Perk LEGO Set Coming Soon

LEGO have announced that the Friends Central Perk LEGO Ideas set will release on September 1st Clocking in at 1,070 bricks and only $59.99, the set will include seven minifigures- Chandler, Joey, Ross, Rachael, Monica, Phoebe, and Gunther The iconic couch from the coffee shop is the main part of the set, as well as[...]

LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie Mickey and Minnie Mouse Set 12

LEGO Reveals Their New Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse Lego Ideas Set!

LEGO this morning have revealed their latest LEGO Ideas set, and it is a doozy Disney fans will be all over the Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie set Clocking in at 751 pieces, this set pays tribute to the iconic short that introduced the world to Mickey Mouse Both Mickey and Minnie Mouse are included as[...]

They Might Be Giants Get a LEGO Ideas Pitch for BrickHeadz

That might all change after a fan submitted a design for the duo to be made into BrickHeadz on LEGO Ideas The complete set would be of John Flansburgh, John Linnell, and a small blue canary as a reference to their hit song "Birdhouse In Your Soul".[caption id="attachment_944249" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//LEGO Ideas[/caption]If you're not familiar with LEGO[...]

LEGO Ideas Voltron Set 17

Voltron LEGO Ideas Set Hits August 1, Available First at SDCC

LEGO Ideas set 21311 is hitting stores on August 1 LEGO VIP access begins on July 23 However, fans attending SDCC this year will be the first to be able to get their hands on this set July 17-22 Limited quantities will be available to attendees This set has been a long time coming, and[...]

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Let's Take a Look at the LEGO Ideas Tron: Legacy Set

So when the LEGO Ideas Tron: Legacy set was first shown, I got excited -- but didn't get my hopes up that it would actually come to fruition I loved Tron: Legacy; I thought it succeeded on every level Well, maybe not the digital version of Jeff Bridges, but the technology wasn't there yet Other than[...]

Tron: Legacy Lightcycles Come to LEGO on March 31

Tron: Legacy lightcycles are on their way from LEGO and the LEGO Ideas group As announced last year, the set met all requirements of the program, and will see release on March 31 We now have official box images, along with a look at the set itself The cycles look amazing, and I love that[...]

This Steamboat Willie LEGO Ideas Set Needs to Become a Reality

A really cool set is looking to get to to 10,000 supporters on the LEGO Ideas site, and I am pretty sure Disney fans will want to check it out The Steamboat Willie set pays tribute to the iconic film that saw the debut of Mickey Mouse in 1928 It would be a smaller set,[...]

LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle Set Hits Stores in February

LEGO Ideas has some of the best builds the last couple years But this one, set number 21313 Ship in a Bottle might be the best one ever This one hits stores in February at a $69.99 price point 962 pieces on ship-building goodness are coming you way.Create a timeless classic with LEGO bricks! Show[...]

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LEGO Ideas Announces That The Tron Legacy Light Cycle Is Approved!

The set reached the 10,000 supporters plateau required and was approved by the LEGO Ideas in an announcement video earlier in the day today. were 11 projects that met the 10,000 supporters requirement Personally, I wish that The Office had won, as that is my favorite show of all time[...]

Voltron LEGo Ideas Set

LEGO Unveils 'Voltron – Defender Of The Universe' Set And I Need It Now

Voltron comes back to us tomorrow via Netflix and their excellent animated series, but fans got an early gift on the eve of the show coming back: LEGO announced today that the LEGO Ideas Defender of the Universe set had reached the final stage of approval and will indeed be coming to stores."Activate Interlocks, Dynatherms Connected, Infracells[...]

Women Of NASA LEGO Ideas Set Is Coming

LEGO Ideas is the user-generated site that allows people to create future LEGO sets and have people vote on them to become actual LEGO released sets This round of voting, sets included in the vote were awesome choices: A Spaceballs Eagle 5, The Adams Family Mansion, an Ultimate Collectors Series Star Wars Landspeeder, and a[...]