Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer Update Includes Room Codes & Team Races

Mario Kart Tour multiplayer just received a slew of improvements thanks to the game's latest update. Now, there are additional options to play with your friends or to start races on your terms. Part of the new rollout includes custom rooms with Room Codes as well as Team Races, which let people team up as they race around their favorite tracks. Room Codes are meant to allow players to race alongside teammates they have chosen ahead of time.

Mario Kart Tour's new multiplayer mode just added new features.
Mario Kart Tour's new multiplayer mode just added new features.

When you create a custom room, you get a Mario Kart Tour Room Code to use with it. You can give it out to up to seven people and then the race can commence – no strangers necessary. Mario Kart Tour multiplayer team races lets you pair up with other racers in either local or online races. There are up to four teams with eight competitors, all paired off together. You and your teammate will race through different courses in a bid to win it all.

These are great strides forward for a game that didn't even have multiplayer when it first debuted. It's been available to play since it hit its beta period back in December 2019. At that time, you had to have a paid Gold Pass to give it a try, but it hit its official launch in March 2020 for both iOS and Android users.

Despite the changes the game has undergone since it debuted, Mario Kart Tour still feels a bit lacking when compared to its console counterparts. But at least we got a mobile Mario Kart, which is really more than we could have asked for years ago. It's still a bit weird, to be honest, but at least it happened. Are you still playing and enjoying Mario Kart Tour? Let us know in the comments below about your experience.

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