Marvel Legends Ghost Rider And Black Widow Cycles Coming Soon

Marvel Legends have been killing it this year. With better sculpts, improved distribution, and a great mix of popular characters and deep cuts, it is easily the best the line has ever been. Then you see these two cycles and realize they are only getting better. Coming very soon are Ghost Rider and Black Widow deluxe figures on motorcycles. And boy do they look cool.

Marvel Legends Ghost Rider With Cycle

The most obvious figure release of all-time, the Rider looks pretty damn cool. The flame effects look perfect in their translucent red, orange, and yellow colors. The Rider himself is a sight to behold as well. I have seen this in person at a couple cons this year, and each time it it stands out above everything else. They just seemingly knocked this one out of the park. Getting one in my hands will be the next step. Once I do, this easily could become the best Legends figure Hasbro has ever done.

Marvel Legends Black Widow With Cycle

The Black Widow I actually got to play around with at SDCC this year. Let me tell you-this is going to blow people away as well. This one comes with swappable heads as well. The cycle itself is smaller than the Rider one, but a cool touch is the fact that this one has rear suspension. You can use that to flip the bike or send Nat flying into the air and pick off people in an aerial attack. Or like most people it will go on your shelf as a nice display piece. But it is nice to have the option! These sets sometimes lose their playfulness since this is the "collector" line. I am glad they are ignoring that and adding features like that.

There is no price-point for these two yet. I would imagine they will be around $40, since other deluxe and two-pack stuff is around there. They will be available in the spring.

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