Masters Of The Universe Gets A Giant Wave Of Funko Pops

Masters of the Universe is getting a new, giant wave of Funko Pops. After a few figures through the years, including some of the first animation figures Funko ever did, we finally are getting a giant wave.

He-Man and his friends have had a bit of a resurgence as of late. I watched a ton of classic episodes on Netlfix, there is a new movie in development. The figure line has made a return. There has never been a better time to release a new set of Pops. I know Rich Johnston is excited…

Masters of The Universe Funko Pops

The Merman Pops are awesome. I really want the blue version, although being a Chase in my area that will be impossible. Beastman gets a non-flocked version. But the main event here is the Orko. They really struck gold when they created Orko all those years ago. And that design translates perfectly to a Funko Pop. It says something when He-Man and Skeletor are not the most exciting figures in a wave.

Masters of the Universe Funko Pop Exclusives

As far as exclusives, because what is a wave of Pops without those, we get three. Moss Man will be at Toys R Us following in the footsteps of of their NYCC shared exclusive flocked Beastman. Target gets the Faker Pop, that is always a fun one. And Trapjaw breaks hearts as an FYE exclusive. He will be quite a popular get. Target's Faker Pop will be the hardest to get however, Target is reaching Walmart levels of bad getting their exclusives out when they are supposed to. Not to mention not limiting purchases do they all get bought by flippers.

These are going to be pretty popular on shelves, so you will want to pick them up when you see them in January. Or you could preorder them here.

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