NERF And Star Wars Go Together Extremely Well!

NERF or nothing!

Man, I haven't played with NERF products forever. But thanks to the fine folks from Hasbro, myself and my little padawan spent all of Force Friday weekend chasing each other around, taking turns blasting each other and various things around the house with the new Captain Phasma Blaster that hit shelves with all the other new Star Wars products that came out Friday.

I love the design of The Last Jedi products. The reliance on the color red is making everything pop off the shelf. This particular blaster is one of the medium sized ones in the NERF line. I especially like how descriptive the back of the package is! When I used to get these things back in the day, I don't remember them being like that — you had to kinda play around with it for a bit to find all of the features. And man, there are a lot of features on these things nowadays.

No longer just a simple blaster that fires darts, this one is super tricked-out. Once you remove everything from the package, you assemble the blaster and load the darts into a chamber. If I had one complaint about this thing, it is that the chamber does not automatically rotate after you fire. Besides that, we had a blast with this thing.

Said chamber lights up and when you pull the trigger to fire it makes a blaster noise and the light travels through the barrel. The darts fire really fast and travel a lot farther than I would have thought. The scope is a little off; we aimed across the room at various targets and had to aim a little higher than what we wanted to hit to make sure we got it.

Hours and hours of fun were had, so if you are a Star Wars fan, a NERF fan, or a fan of fun, give this one a shot. They are available now in stores, or online here.

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