Let's Take a Look at the New Marvel Legends Cable Figure

Headlining the new wave of Deadpool Marvel Legends figures hitting stores now is a classic version of everyone's favorite time-traveling mutant: Cable. This is one of the more anticipated figures of the year — mutant fans have been clamoring for a Rob Liefeld version of Cable for quite a while. With the success of the previous mutant waves of figures and Deadpool 2 hitting theaters in May, this is the perfect time to get this wave and this figure in particular into collectors hands. But is it any good? Let's find out.

Full disclosure: I usually take pics of figures inside the package. This time? I not only forgot, but was too excited to open it. I will say that this figure is in the same box — we all know from many years of collecting that Cable looks perfect in the box. It isn't until you get him out that the cracks begin to appear in what should have been a slam dunk.

Right away the pouches made me laugh. I couldn't help it — I have read way too many giant gun/many pouches jokes about this era of comics not to. They are so excessive, yet on the figure they fit perfectly, and the vest-piece does not hamper his movement all that much. Kudos to Hasbro there. And he comes with plenty of firepower as well. The giant gun is hard to pose, but that is to be expected. First problem: his left hand. It is sculpted so wide that he cannot hold any of the rifles in his hand. Nothing. It is incredibly frustrating. Sure, the giant one rests in his hand, but it doesn't look natural at all. All of these accessories and we couldn't get another set of hands?

Removing the vest and necklace are not hard at all; you just have to pop his head off and lift it over. His right bicep joint looks strange in certain poses when this visible. His waist looks a little small, and he actually is harder to pose without the vest. The headsculpt is perfect — no complaints there. But when you reattach the vest, the rifle-holster will break if you're not careful putting that gun in there. Watch out.

He has really tight joints, and when the whole package is together the figure really shines. The details are where this guy breaks down. Overall this is a fine figure, and should be a no-brainer purchase for Legends collectors. Cable is not perfect, however, and that is a shame.

If you would like to find out for yourself, this wave (including Domino, Deathlok, two versions of Deadpool, X-23, Paladin, and a BAF of Sasquatch) is hitting stores now. Or, you can preorder here.

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