New Mech Title Daemon X Machina Blasts into Nintendo E3 2018 With Hilariously Hardcore Soundtrack

Nintendo's E3 2018 presentation kicked off with a new mech shooter action thing called Daemon X Machina. It showed itself off with plenty of scenes of the player character's mech dueling massive mechs many times its size, attractively cartoony and pseudo-cell-shaded graphics, and a hilariously thrashing screamo metal soundtrack that shoots the moon from being goofy back to being kind of awesome.

A bit more hardcore than one would expect for a Nintendo opening act, but it still impresses with a lot of action and attitude. This one comes courtesy of Marvelous! studios and will be hitting the Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Mech shooters aren't generally my thing, but I still have to admit that this game looks pretty awesome. We don't really meet any characters; the trailer focuses almost exclusively on the combat and thrashing metal tune.

Sorry the screamo metal soundtrack has become something of the focus of this post; it just charmed me so.

For those who want to thrash to some hardcore metal while watching mechs blast humongous mechs while anticipating the 2019 Nintendo Switch release, here is the trailer to Daemon X Machina courtesy of Nintendo UK's YouTube channel. It's apparently getting a Pegi 12 rating, which means it will probably receive a T rating in the United States.

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