Riot Increasing Penalties On Dodging "League Of Legends" Lobbies

Looks like some changes are coming to the matchmaking part of League of Legends. Riot Games' lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter posted about the changes in today's Dev Post.

Champ select dodges are something that hurts the overall player experience by putting 9 players back into a longer queue after they've already spent a lot of time and effort getting their last game started. There are many underlying reasons why a player may want to dodge a lobby, and we think dodging is ok as a very rare outlet for players. Today, we think players are dodging too frequently, and without significant enough penalties when they do.

Over the next few months, we're going to slowly tune up the penalties for repeated champ select dodges:

  1. Increasing the "repeated dodge timeout" so that we catch more egregious cases where players are dodging constantly.

  2. Amping up LP penalties for dodges (current is -3 for first dodge -10 if repeated)

Tencent and Riot Games Developing a Mobile League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

So in order to avoid being locked out, it looks like eager players will just have to wait in the lobby. As of yet, there's no update on what happens once a League of Legends player reaches -10, but I'm sure it's not good. Avoiding lobbies that might work against a player is one way a player can climb the ranks quicker. Some players also would rather take a -3 penalty, than a -17 penalty if they go against a player they aren't familiar with.

On the downside though, this could hurt players who are trying to avoid certain players or champions for personal reasons. But overall this will help players have a fair shot at climbing through the ranks. Worried about lobbies being unstable due to the changes? Riot prepared for that. The new autofill and duo parity changes hope to match players better, so ranks won't be totally uneven. The only downside is that wait times went up by a few seconds. But in my opinion, it's worth the trade-off.

What do you think of the new changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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