The Sandlot Gets a Wave of Funko Pops, and We Need Them Now!

The Sandlot is one of the best baseball movies ever made. Really, in my opinion, one of the best movies of all time, period. To celebrate the 25th anniversary and the start of baseball season, Sandlot Pops are on their way from Funko!

Hitting stores in June, there will be six releases in all, four regular releases: Smalls, Benny, Ham, and Squints, and two exclusives. The first is the fearsome Beast with a baseball in his mouth. The second is a Pop two-pack featuring Squits and his love Wendy Peffercorn. Beast will be at GameStop, while collectors will cry out in agony over the two-pack being at Target.

These all look absolutely perfect. Some of these look alarmingly like the kids themselves, especially the Ham. I love that Smalls has his black eye, Benny the Jet is choking up on the bat, and Squits is being… well Squits. Really, the version of Squits everyone will want is the two-pack. That Wendy Peffercorn Pop is one of the most spot-on characters they have ever done. I have to ask, though, Funko: why do you continue to give exclusives to Target? They never stock them in stores, the employees are unhelpful and rather standoffish about helping locate anything — not just toys. And if they are online exclusives, they typically go up for order overnight at, like, 3 a.m., so by the time anyone gets a chance to even wake up they are sold out.

Sadly, some characters are missing of course. Yeah Yeah is a favorite of mine and must be made, The Timmons brothers would make a cool two-pack, and Kenny needs to come out on a pitchers mound. Ooh, I wonder if this is a way they could make Babe Ruth!

Basically, Funko, we need to to just make the whole damn cast of The Sandlot as Pops. Don't let us down.

First seen on Entertainment Weekly

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