Secret Labs' Game of Thrones Chairs Aren't the Iron Throne, But Come Close

Secret Labs announced their officially licensed Game of Thrones line of gamer chairs just last week, but we got a chance to check them out in person, and while they aren't as impressive as the Iron Throne, they come damn close.

The chairs are themed after GoT Houses Stark, Lanniester, and Targaryn and feature the house sigils, words, and the Game of Thrones logo. The house sigils for all three houses are damn impressive, with intricate details, gorgeous threading, and some impressive coordination with the rest of the chair. The sigils are featured on both sides of the chair back, which is also pretty damn sweet.

To show off just how great these chairs look in person compared to the promo shots shared earlier, here's some side-by-side comparisons:

The Targaryn chair is the standout chair of the line with the "dragonskin" detailing on the chairback and seat. The red and black color scheme is also absolutely eye-catching. Plus, having the words "Fire and Blood" over your right shoulder just feels awesome.

The Lannister chair is as ornate as you'd expect from the Lords of Casterly Rock, with some nice detailing incorporated into the rest of the design in a way to enhance the lion rampant that is the house symbol. The rich red and shining gold of the chair don't pop as well as the Targaryn colors, but that's alright. It's a more regal combination and that fits the House perfectly.


The House Stark chair is the most understated of the three. The white and black color scheme is somewhat bland in comparison to the other two chairs, which fits the more utilitarian Starks. However there's some incredible detail in the embroidered wolf. The House sigil isn't just black on the white PU leather chair. Instead, the wolf is comprised of several colors, from charcoal grey to a gunmetal blue, the Stark wolf is incredibly gorgeous up-close.

The Game of Thrones chairs are being made with Secret Labs' new 2020 chair line upgrades, which means a new leather, new memory foam, new cooling gels, and even some new hardware.

The chairs themselves are made with Secret Labs' PU Leather 2.0, which has been rigorously tested for durability, comfort, and its ability to withstand high humidity and sweat. Which makes them pretty life-proof. They've also got a specially formulated memory foam in the headrest pillows, which feels springy enough to be both comfortable and supportive. The chairs and pillows also have a cooling gel layer to keep you from overheating, and their ergonomic-inspired design manages to be plush enough while still putting you in a proper posture. Which is a hard balance for a gaming chair to hit, but Secret Labs 2020 line of chairs manages to do that well.

Secret Labs' Game of Thrones Chairs Aren't the Iron Throne, But Come Close

As for the hardware, all the arm-rest adjustment buttons have been glazed over in a black chrome both for the aesthetics and the increased durability. The arm-rests themselves swivel in all the usual ways, but they've got a smooth adjustment in all directions now. They remain just as comfortable as before, but just that little bit nicer.

It was, honestly, incredibly hard to keep from trying to wheel the chairs out of the meeting room in order to take them back home. They're comfortable and stylish and pretty darn versatile.

My only complaint is that there isn't a chair for House Greyjoy. But maybe next time.

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