Snoke Deluxe Star Wars Black Series Figure Ultimately Disappoints

Snoke Star Wars Black Series figures are coming in the regular line later this winter. But hitting stores now is the deluxe version of Supreme Leader Snoke on his throne. The figure is exclusive to GameStop stores, both online and on shelves. While little is known of the character, there are theories galore. Mine (and my hope) is that he is not a character we have met before, but that's just me. For once, this figure does not reveal anything spoiler-wise.

Star Wars Black Series Deluxe Supreme Leader Snoke

Here is what I will say about this figure: the packaging is top notch. The regular figure release boxes are nice, but the Black Series look is perfect for these bigger releases. The front window box shows off the figure and contents in such a way that you never need to open it. The massive, scary face of Snoke greets you on the back. The character description is as follows:

The shadowy commander of the First Order, Supreme Leader Snoke prefers to operate from a distance, looming over his underlings in the form of an immense hologram. As the First Order rallies, this master of the Dark Side emerges from the shadows to seize victory.

How very ominous. A hologram version of this figure feels inevitable at this point, as well.

Once you open this sucker and get it free is when the flaws become hard to ignore for a loose collector. The sculpting job here is awesome. Every crack and crevice on Snoke is detailed and horrifying. Even the ring on his left hand looks great. But other than that, it is a mess. The robe does not fit well when he is off the throne, and the legs are stiff to the point that it affects his flexibility. The throne itself is the same. Great sculpt, but it ends up just being a huge hunk of plastic. Once you take Snoke off, it's a little difficult to get him to sit the same way again. The added foot piece at the bottom is more of a hindrance than a help — he ends up having a bit of gangster lean.

Overall, I would only get this if you are a MOC collector. It displays so much better in the package than out. If you want a loose one, get the regular release without the throne. Neither release has any accessories, so no loss there accept the throne. If you want this one, he is popping in and out of stock here.

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