Star Trek Online Releases Collaboration With Star Trek: Lower Decks

Those of you who have been enjoying Star Trek: Lower Decks can get even more action out of it on Star Trek Online. In a special collaboration, Perfect World Entertainment is giving everyone crew members straight from the show, as you can use all four of the main characters as special duty officers, totally available for free. On top of that, you'll also have access to a ton of special content from now until September 3rd, which includes A Risian Weather Control Vessel to be bought or earned, Baseball-themed items, a new Rainbow Tribble and Caracal Pets, and Sex Phasers and Sons of None rock T-shirts. Plus Kit Modules, a Summer themed Kit Frame, and more. You can read about all four officers here, and be sure to snag everything you can from Star Trek Online before it vanishes for good.

Now you too can utilize all four of the Star Trek: Lower Decks officers, courtesy of Perfect World Entertainment.
Now you too can utilize all four of the Star Trek: Lower Decks officers, courtesy of Perfect World Entertainment.

Captain's Log: Stardate…um…we'll edit that in later. The crew of the U.S.S. Cerritos, um, specifically her support crew, have been thrown forward in time. Or turned into holograms. Or possibly Excalbian constructs. Any way, they're in 2411 now, and they've been given the very, very, very important assignment of helping out on your ship. Use them how you like! Just, uh, maybe leave the Bat'leth and Romulan Whiskey storage locked. Like, at all times. Our med bay is already overstaffed, ok?

Seriously. Lock the doors. We're not kidding.

Starting tomorrow, August 4th, the characters of Lower Decks are coming to your Duty Officer roster on all platforms! You'll be able to pick up Boimler, Mariner, Tendi and Rutherford to add to your Federation crews. Each of them come with a unique, active power, and it's even sometimes helpful. They're completely free in the Duty Officers tab of the Zen Store.

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