Stranger Things Wave 3 Funko Pops Are Incredible

Stranger Things 2 is streaming now on Netflix. Wait! Don't leave yet, you can watch after you check out these ridiculously awesome new Funko Pops! There are no spoilers here, so no worries about that, either. This may be my personal favorite wave of Pops of all-time. I am complete on Stranger Things so far; I have every Pop, Mystery Mini, Vynl, figure, keychain. I have it all. And these will be my favorite.

Stranger Things Wave 3 Funko Pops

The newest season of the Netflix original series Stranger Things is finally here!
We have a brand new series of Pop! to go with!

This series features new versions of some of your
favorite characters including Will, Dustin,
Lucas, and Mike wearing their Ghostbuster attire.
A new version of Joyce and Eleven,
and the addition of newcomer Max featured with skateboard!

THEY ARE ALL WEARING THEIR GHOSTBUSTERS UNIFORMS. This episode (episode 2) of the season is my favorite so far, and that seems to be where most of this wave actually comes from. All four of the boys look amazing, and no spoilers, but the way they carry themselves in that episode is very Buster-esque.

Joyce is in her drugstore uniform. Eleven has hair! I love the curls! She has a total Ripley thing going here, and I dig it. But the standout here is Max. I am loving her on the show so far. My favorite slasher and horror character is Michael Myers of Halloween fame. So getting a Stranger Things Pop of a character dressed up as Michael Myers is kind of the best thing ever.

These are all must-buys, right now, as soon as I can find them in stores. They are all available today. You can get seven of them anywhere, like here. The Max Hot Topic exclusive will be in stores and online today. 

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