World Of Warships: Legends Reveals 2022 Holiday Content

Wargaming has revealed a brand new update for World Of Warships: Legends, as they basically are giving it the Holiday 2022 content. The update will add a brand new five-week 100-milestone campaign with two ships for you to earn, along with a special Warships-style advent calendar that will span three weeks until the end of the holidays. There's also a ton of holiday content int he game you can snag along with Winter Shards that you'll use to buy them. As well as three seasons of Arena mode back for play. We got all the notes below from the team and a trailer showing it off.

World Of Warships: Legends Reveals 2022 Holiday Content
Credit: Wargaming

A Frosty, Festive Frenzy

Legends is kicking off the most wonderful tide of the year with a sleigh full of content and activities for players to unwrap. Winter Shards, which can be acquired through several means including Windroses, Arena mode and purchasing bundles, can be used to unlock a variety of prizes from winter ships to Commander guises. Most coveted of these is Japanese Legendary cruiser Yoshino, with a bespoke holiday skin available alongside her. Alongside this, three different Santa Crates and a revamped Winter Big Crate are making their way into the game, carrying with them a number of ships including another Japanese ship, Tier VII Premium destroyer Kirisame. Wrapping it all up with a shiny bow, Legends is also adding a special holiday port.

Double Impact Campaign

The Double Impact Campaign follows the classic Warships five-week, 100-milestone format, but this double-header has two powerful Tier VIII ships waiting at the end. Italian battleship Marco Polo and British Marlborough can be picked up for double trouble by players valiant enough to complete this campaign, taking advantage of Marco Polo's fantastic agility, sturdy armour and whopping 16-inch guns. The Marlborough is also a choice prize waiting at the end, a speedy and determined ship that sports 16 14-inch guns. To pick up steam in the race to these beautiful battleships, those with Admiralty Backing can use special missions to secure additional renown points.

On The 21st Day Of Christmas

Across three weeks full of daily tasks with daily and weekly prizes, Legends brings players its own Warships-style advent calendar. Players who may miss a day can loop back, unlocking the Adventure calendar's tasks, and subsequent prizes, with doubloons. Sitting at the end of three weeks is a calendar-exclusive Santa Commander guise which can be used on nearly any Commander!

World Of Warships: Legends Arena Mode Returns

Arena mode makes its way back into Legends' waters for three more seasons, open to ships spanning Tier V-VII across them, excluding carriers and available for the for the first time for mobile version players. Alongside this the return of Arena mode sees the Arm Race mechanic become active, save for the HP restoration bonus, and prizes include December's valuable Winter Shards, Crates, Steel and Commander Progression Items. To make the cold a bit more bearable, these seasons which kick off December 22, each get one extra day added to them. This update also brings several bug fixes, upgrades and balance changes across the game.

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