Wrecking Ball has Joined the Overwatch Roster on All Consoles

Overwatch's latest hero Wrecking Ball has finally swung his way onto the live servers for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Overwatch Wrecking Ball Hammond pose

H̶a̶m̶m̶o̶n̶d̶ Wrecking Ball has been rolling around in the Overwatch landscape for a little while now. The hamster is a genuinely unique character both in idea and execution. Nothing in the game moves like him and… well, no one else is a small rodent either. His zoning potential and extreme mobility make him something that players haven't had to mess with in the game yet.

Finally, he is no longer just in the hands of PC players on the PTR. The character is now live across all platforms for players to start messing around with. He is an extremely mobile off-tank to is a bit of a nightmare to deal with if he knows what he's are doing. He's very good at crowd control, something somewhat missing in Overwatch, so in terms of dominating a space and shifting the other team around, he is unparalleled. You can check him out in action in this quite fun launch trailer here:

I really like the uniqueness of Wrecking Ball a lot. I've played a decent amount with him and right now I think everyone is trying to figure out how to use him. Players struggle with him because they are still learning how to utilise him and on the flip side, many are still trying to figure out how to utilise him most effectively. As the Overwatch meta shifts and everyone gets used to a massive ball swinging around the map, I can't wait to see just where he ends up landing.