Check Out These Persona 5 Screenshots For A Better Look At The Game

The Persona series moved way to fast for me to grab hold of the speeding train. I swear it went from a tiny name I only heard in obscure passing to the franchise everyone adored over night.

Having said that, I'm going to make a concerted effort to explore the series with the upcoming Persona 5. This game is looking gorgeous and the subject matter is pretty enticing.

To illustrate that, get a look at these new screenshots showing off the game. I love the mix of mundanity and the fantastical. Plus this art direction doesn't hurt either.

persona5_2015spring_s10 persona5_2015spring_s01 persona5_2015spring_s02 persona5_2015spring_s03 persona5_2015spring_s04 persona5_2015spring_s05 persona5_2015spring_s06 persona5_2015spring_s07 persona5_2015spring_s08 persona5_2015spring_s09

Thanks to Gematsu for translating the PlayStation Japan Blog!