What's Next For Avengers Academy – More Guardians, Inhumans And…X-Men?


So the current event (the fifth? Sixth? Of 2017) in mobile casual game Avengers Academy, Legends Assemble, is coming to an end this week, and for players who have managed to unlock Nick Fury, they got some hints at what is to come.

In game, Pepper Potts discusses messages received at the Academy for Fury while he was captured by the evil rival schools. One was hefty mention of messages of outer space, and implications throughout the event have implied that, yes, there will be another Guardians of the Galaxy event allowing players the chance to get new cosmic heroes. What ones those would be hasn't been revealed, but one imagines that new characters appearing in the movie released next week are likely to be around.

Secondly, the is mention of 'Attilan Academy' – so that means Inhumans. So far, the game has only strayed into Inhuman territory as far as NuHuman characters, like Ms. Marvel. It's kind of been surprising given Marvel's heavy push to make Inhumans happen as a property, especially in other media, but this year sees the Inhumans Royals making it to screens big and small, so I guess it's finally time.

Lastly, Potts in game mentions 'hearing a strange voice in my head saying they're ready' to be revealed. And later, in another story interaction, Fury seems alarmed that something from inside one of the Academy's mysterious vaults is trying to get out. When asked what could be stronger than the vibranium they've been using for the doors and repairs, Fury simply replies 'Anything that isn't metal'.

That's not just me? This can only mean Magneto, and X-Men, are finally coming to Avengers Academy.

It's kind of surprising, but for interesting reasons. Previously, Marvel had seemed to eschew using mutants and the X-Men in marketing and promotional materials, seeing mutant characters removed from images used for clothing etc. More recently, and tying into a rebirth of the restrengthening of the X-Men franchise in the comics, X-Men have seen a slowly building return in these other mediums.

However, in some of the various mobile games Marvel has, such as Contest of Champions, X-Men characters have actually regularly been a part of those games since pretty much their inception, from the obvious Wolverine and Deadpool, to characters like Phoenix and Colossus. But despite this little quirk in Marvel's cross-media plans in this platform, mutants had yet to appear in Avengers Academy. Numerous characters that weren't Avengers made it into the game, but never an X-Man.

Well, if these clues are any indication, that may be about to change. And while I am not holding my breath that my absolute fave, Chamber, will make it into the game, it may just be time to start getting excited in this game again.

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