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THQ Nordic Announces Celebration Plans For Their Tenth Anniversary
The anniversary celebration is going to be pretty fun as they will be holding a livestream tomorrow hosted by Geoff Keighley, kicking off at 12pm PT on both Twitch and YouTube.  Which is said to include some new IPs and the return of some classic franchises Meanwhile, they're also holding a sale on PC, Xbox,[...]
THQ Nordic Announces Celebration Plans For Their Tenth Anniversary
THQ Nordic will be celebrating a specific milestone soon as they have plans to enjoy their tenth anniversary with something special It really kinda feels like yesterday when Nordic games managed to acquire a number of properties, specifically the THQ titles and name in 2013, to turn itself into the company it is today Which[...]
35th Anniversary Of 25th Anniversary Of Marvel Comics Variant Covers
Celebrating the 60th anniversary of Fantastic Four #1, Ultimate Comics is releasing the Beta Ray Bill #1 Retcon Frame variant With art by Mike Mckone, this exclusive retailer variant cover features the Marvel 25th Anniversary frame, used in the original line of covers released in 1986, 35 years ago, to celebrate the release of Fantastic[...]
On this anniversary day, Cyrus shared a handwritten she wrote to her on-screen persona to let her know just how much Hannah meant to her "You have all my love and upmost gratitude Breathing life into you for those 6 years was an honor," Cyrus writes "I am indebted not only to you Hannah but[...]
The ABCs of Stranger Things 3 (Image: Netflix)
That's right: Saturday, July 4, marks the one-year anniversary of the premiere of Stranger Things 3 So to mark the occasion, we're getting an "ABC's" look at the 26 best things about the "mall-tastic" with the sweet cliffhanger ending in the following video- starting us off with some ice cream counter smooth talk and wrapping[...]
Stan and Roger suddenly become best friends in American Dad, courtesy of TBS.
Before we get to the fall, TBS has a special celebration set up for The Smiths this month to honor their 15th anniversary Beginning next week and over the course of two weeks (starting at 4 p.m ET/PT), each member of the family will have their own mini-marathon in their honor (though with Steve being[...]
Harold Ramis
February 24th marked the sixth anniversary of Harold Ramis' passing at the age of 69 The beloved actor and director was best known for playing Egon Spengler in the Ghostbusters franchise Fans poured tributes celebrating the life of the man, who along with co-creator Dan Aykroyd, helped bring so many happy memories since the original[...]
Monopoly Grants Brands License for 85th Anniversary
Grab your cash and run, folks, for Hasbro is celebrating Monopoly's 85th anniversary! Source: Hasbro, Inc. According to a recent press release from the big-name toy and gaming company, Hasbro has granted license rights to various different companies in order to allow them to create a glut of highly-collectible items, including apparel, shoes, toys, and even a Swarovski-covered[...]
'John Wick' Director Chad Stahelski Says Wachowskis Working on New 'The Matrix'
Are you ready to take another red pill? The Matrix, one of the last iconic films of the 20th century, will be returning to theaters in a limited one-week engagement for its 20th anniversary courtesy of Dolby Laboratories, Warner Bros., and AMC Theaters Fans will be able to experience the Wachowski's 1999 science fiction[...]
'Pokémon GO' Teasing Something Big For Their Anniversary
July 6 will mark the one-year anniversary for Pokémon GO, which swept the globe faster than typhoid and smallpox combined back in their heyday And while the game is riding high on the new set of addition it made to the game last month, we all kinda knew it would only be a matter of time[...]
'Overwatch' Will Be Fixing An Accidental Nerf To Reinhardt
Overwatch fans have not been happy with Reinhardt ever since the Anniversary event kicked off this week The latest patch apparently screwed up his overall hit power and swing with the hammer, and his only really registering after a full swing of the hammer in the middle of the screen Essentially nerfing him and making[...]
'Overwatch' To Release New Maps & More For One-Year Anniversary
Overwatch has got some awesome things on the way to mark the game's one-year anniversary next week On Tuesday, three new maps will be available in 1-v-1 and 3-v-3, all three in variations of Dorado, Temple of Anubis, and Eichenwalde Including what appears to be Sombra's private workstation as a spawn area. Here's a sneak peek[...]
Something Special Is Coming For The Tenth Anniversary Of 'Monster Hunter Frontier'
Capcom looks to be cooking up something special to celebrate Monster Hunter Frontier's tenth anniversary coming up in July The company set up a special website for their online MMO with a small message at the bottom saying "Wait for next Wednesday…" What exactly they'll be revealing on April 19 is anyone's guess A server update? A[...]
Dark Horse Announces Details Of The Moebius Library At ECCC For His 60th Anniversary As A Published Comics Creator
Dark Horse Comics and Moebius Production in France are publishing the first of several volumes in the forthcoming Moebius Library, beginning with The World of Edena. As they point out, 2016 represents not only Dark Horse Comics' 30th anniversary, but also Moebius's 60th anniversary of his very first published comic. Collecting all the Edena short stories in a deluxe, hardcover[...]