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Is This The Wonder Woman Comic We've Been Waiting For? Plus, Oracle!

  I like the Wonder Woman comic from Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang. But its not exactly the comic I can give to my daughters, who enjoy Wonder Woman in non-comics form. Well, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, a new digital-first-then-print comic from Gail Simone, Ethan Van Sciver, Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs has the potential to […]

Does Original Killing Joke Artwork Reveal Greater Sexual Intent For Batgirl?

Billy Hynes, a former employee of Gosh! Comics in London, has been posting photos of original comic book artwork on Twitter today that he's been sifting through and in which he's been finding surprises. But for many fans, this find will be the most surprising yet. It appears to be an original page from Alan […]

Grant Morrison Puts Barbara Gordon Back In The Wheelchair In Batman Inc

In today's Batman Inc, we go to the future. One we've previously glimpsed in which The Joker takes his ultimate revenge on Batman. A real end times story for the book, and its a future which the current day Batman is tryingto avoid. But one of the character twists is exactly what has happened to […]

Stephanie Brown Dropped From Smallville In Favour Of Barbara Gordon?

It was the news that fans of the DC character Stephanie Brown had been waiting for for. Spoiler, Robin, Batgirl… this character had played a number of roles in Batbooks over the years but fans believed she had repeatedly received short shrift from DC Comics. And recently in the DC New 52, she vanished completely […]

Batgirl And Red Hood Revisit The Joker In Zero Month

 Bat-characters rarely end up well at the hands of the Joker. Robin, Jason Todd, died, and Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, was crippled. But then these are comics. Jason Todd comes back to life and now as Red Hood leads The Outlaws. And Barbara became Oracle, and then Batgirl again, her revival ascribed to a procedure […]

Barbara Gordon Back In The Wheelchair In Batgirl #4

Some books, some characters, having to deal with a changing universe try to ignore it. Work around it. Find reasons not to address it. But with DC's Batgirl-out-of-the-wheelchair, this comic seems to revel in rubbing the reader's nose in it. To bring the issue up at every opportunity. And to tease, repeatedly tease that Barbara […]