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Wesley Snipes Responds to Blade: Trinity Allegations
Wesley Snipes is speaking out about set behavior allegations during Blade: Trinity, and it looks like the actor is adamant that Patton Oswalt's claims are false. The Blade franchise has given us incredible films, comics, and content, but with every popular property comes conflict Actor and comedian Oswalt previously claimed that Snipes (who played the titular[...]
NECA Surprise Reveals New Puppet Master Ultimate Figure Two Packs
Pinhead, Torch, Tunneler, and of course, Blade will all be available come 2021 For those not familiar, the Puppet Master film series has been around since 1989 and is now 13 films deep Yes, you read that correctly The Full Moon Features creations will join NECA's Ultimate Horror line, where they belong, and you can[...]
The logo for streamer Hulu.
This includes all three Blade movies, Interview With The Vampire, Raging Bull, Spaceballs, Superbad, and more New shows include new seasons of franchise 90 Day Fiancee, originals Monsterland and Marvel's Helstrom, and a bunch of the new fall premieres as they air on broadcast tv You can see the full list below. The logo for streamer[...]
Obscure Comics: The Forgotten Blade Trinity Comic and Manga
There are comic book series almost every comic fan knows, there are comic book characters that most everyone knows, there are specific comic books most every comic reader knows, and then there are the more obscure issues that slip through the cracks.  What makes obscure comics so interesting and vital is discovering those books that[...]
One: 12 Collective Blade MXD Figure from Mezco Toyz
Blade is back and he is here and ready to take the fight to the vampires This figure is a Mezco Toyz Exclusive for their One: 12 Collective collection The figure is wearing a tactical vest and he comes with multiple interchangeable pieces and accessories For the heads, one will have swappable sunglasses and there[...]
REVIEW: Avengers #30 -- "Super On Spectacle And Scant On Sense"
There was way too much blasting and fisticuffs (the Blade bit made very little sense) for any of that The ending itself, rose-colored idealism aside, was dangerously stupid even for people with substandard education from the 1940s This issue was super on spectacle and scant on sense, and that's both disappointing and baffling RATING: NO[...]
"Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order" DLC Pack 1 Is Out
The pack will give you four new heroes to fight with in the form of the Marvel Knights: Punisher, Blade, Moon Knight, and Morbius Along with these four, you're getting some extra bonus content to the game such as a Gauntlet Mode and new outfits as part of a free update You can read more[...]
Marvel Solicit Covers... temp
But her latest score at an art collector's mansion lands her in a trap led by the Shadow King! Luckily, Storm isn't the only mutant thief burgling the mansion that night…but can even the man called Gambit help her escape the Shadow King's deadly Hounds? And elsewhere, the chilling Nanny and the Orphan-Maker have their[...]
David Leitch at the Los Angeles premiere of "John Wick" held at the ArcLight Cinemas in Los Angeles on October 22, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.
The Deadpool 2 director is throwing his hat back into the Marvel pool to see if he can be the new director of the Marvel Cinematic Universe incarnation of Blade The Blade reboot is set to star Mahershala Ali, whose previous MCU stint was the featured season one antagonist on Netflix's Luke Cage as[...]
Mahershala Ali – Luke Cage's Cottonmouth – is the New Blade
It was an end-of-panel appearance and mention at Marvel's Hall H presentation, for Mahershala Ali to come up on stage and for Kevin Feige to announce that he would be the new Blade in a Marvel Studios reboot of the character. Created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan for Marvel Comics in the comic book The[...]
X-ual Healing
Social media is going to be very upset with it, I imagine. WOLVERINE VS BLADE SPECIAL #1 (MR) MAY190799 (W) Marc Guggenheim (A) Dave Wilkins Two of the deadliest hunters ever to have stalked the night face off! Wolverine vs Blade – 'nuff said! Mature (MR) In Shops: Jul 10, 2019 SRP: $5.99 At some unspecified time in the relatively recent past, Wolverine[...]
Wolverine vs. Blade #1: With Eyes Wide Open [Preview]
Because U demanded it! This Wednesday, Wolverine and Blade team up in Wolverine vs Blade #1, a one-shot comic by Marc Guggenheim and Dave Wilkins which has been years in the making And besides being set seven years ago in Madripoor in this preview of Wolverine vs Blade #1, the story might have a few[...]
Now Wiccan Joins Marvel's No Compromise, No Mercy Teasers
Following up on teasers earlier today starring Blade and Spectrum, Marvel has now added Wiccan to the list of characters taking part in whatever Marvel is planning to reveal on Tuesday. Marvel kicked off this round of teasers early Wednesday morning with a Blade teaser, accompanied by the tagline "No Compromise No Mercy." This led to[...]
Wolverine Takes on Blade for Some Reason in Wolverine vs. Blade Special This July
Blade one-shot this July, finally answering the question, what if Marvel let Marc Guggenheim write a Wolverine vs Blade comic? Don't laugh It's a question Marc Guggenheim has been asking for a decade, according to Monkeys Fighting Robots, where Marvel EX-X-XCLUSIVELY revealed the news. This is a book that's been — not kidding — ten years[...]
In March, Blade Officially Joins the Avengers as Dracula Dies… Again?
Following his surprise appearance in Avengers #700, it looks like Blade will be officially joining the team in March's Avengers #16, from Jason Aaron and David Marquez First Conan, now Blade? Is there anyone left in the Marvel Universe who isn't an Avenger anymore? But that's not all Also in March, Avengers #17 appears to tease[...]