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Obscure Comics: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cereal Comics #1, 2, & 3
What makes obscure comics so interesting and vital is discovering those books that most don't know were ever printed, or that top tier creators worked on "that book" or on "that character." Obscure Comics are fun to find and interesting to know about, but that border between great reads and terrible comics. Comics, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and[...]
Auto Draft
Kellogg's has announced that they will be releasing a Minecraft-themed cereal for the public and that it will be out in August 2020 As you can see below, this will be called the Minecraft Creeper Crunch, in the great tradition of putting crunchy cereal pieces with a bunch of marshmallows A recipe decades-old to appeal[...]
lucky charms
[Ed Note: Bleeding Cool threw down the gauntlet to its television writers: write an article where you pitch a series based on your favorite breakfast cereal mascot (Cap'n Crunch, Tony the Tiger, etc.) First up to accept the challenge: Margo Staten, who presents her 70's grindhouse take on Lucky the Leprechaun and his precious Lucky[...]
super mario odyssey
Back in the day, they made cereal out of everything Every TV franchise and half notable sports star seemed to have their own brand of breakfast goods, but sadly (?), that trend died away. Well, Super Mario is back to try and revive the licenced cereal craze According to Cerealousy, (imagine Bleeding Cool if we just talked about cereal), they[...]
Nerd Food: This Is Super Cereal, That's Right, Its Mario Cereal
Yeah, Nintendo has decided to partner with Post Cereals to support Super Mario Odyssey I'm not sure Nintendo needed the extra advertising, but hey, it's the first new Mario in a while, so I'll give it a pass. And hey, it'll even let you win a Nintendo Switch. But here's the official word: Breakfast has always been the most[...]
And You Thought Cereal Boxes Were Just For The Toys Inside
The worlds of trading cards, comics, coins, and stamps have all long been known as collector's havens, but there's another one out there that's been historically fairly niche and that might now be changing: Cereal Box Collecting Yup, we're talking that box on the morning breakfast table that you fish around in for the toy surprise[...]
The Cereal Killers Of Gotham
Pretty much any cereal mascot you can think of has a Batman duplicate Apparently. Which is why Christopher Wolf is taking them and putting them on T-shirts. The Trixter image above is up and the following, from Tigerbane on, show what's to come… Why do I get the feeling New York Comic Con will be full of people[...]
DC Comics Return To The Cereal Aisle
Four exclusive DC Comics featuring Justice League Super Heroes are now available in specially marked boxes of Big G cereals. Select General Mills Big G cereals now include four comic books featuring the iconic DC Comics' characters, on shelves now through April 2014 Four specialty issues can be found in grocery retailers nationwide, with a bonus[...]
Saturday Trending Topics: 3.5 Million Copies Is A Lot Of Cereal
Why weren't they putting comics in cereal boxes when I was a kid?  Fawcett and DC did it in the golden age, DC's doing it again now I'm sure it was done plenty of times in-between, but somehow I managed to miss them all — so far. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: The Justice League Comic With Over[...]