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Jack Carr's The Terminal List is coming to Amazon Prime, courtesy of Atria/Emily Bestler Books.

Chris Pratt Returns to Series Television in Amazon's The Terminal List

Fans of Chris Pratt who enjoyed seeing him back on the small screen for the Parks and Recreation charity special might want to pay attention to this next item. The Everwood and Parks & Rec alum is set to star in and executive produce The Terminal List for Amazon Studios, a series adaptation of Jack […]

You can enter a contest to be eaten by a dinosaur in Jurassic World 3. Credit Universal Pictures

You Can Enter A Contest To Be Eaten By A Dinosaur In Jurassic World 3

Jurassic World 3, or Jurassic World: Dominion, was in the middle of shooting when all of Hollywood shut down. The film is the third entry in the immensely popular series, which has grossed over $2.5 billion. Most fans of the dinosaur films wish that they could somehow be transferred into the world of the film […]

“Back to the Future”: Stars Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox Reunite for Charity

Back to the Future: Writer Bob Gale Settles Plot Hole Debate

Despite the film's release 35 years ago, Back to the Future (1985) continues to endure the test of time. Screenwriter Bob Gale addressed a significant plot hole resurfaced when "5 Perfect Movies" trended on social media. Director James Gunn shared what constitutes to his standard via Twitter, "A perfect film can be different from a […]

Leslie sends out a signal on Parks and Recreation, courtesy of NBCUniversal.

Parks and Recreation Cast Reunites for Original, Scripted NBC Special

What this country needs now more than ever is to have her faith in her elected officials in this time of crisis, so who better to step in to fill that leadership void than Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler). That's right, five years after the series took its final bow NBC and Universal Television are bringing […]

James Gunn at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Ant-Man And The Wasp' held at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, USA on June 25, 2018. Editorial credit: Tinseltown /

Guardians of the Galaxy: James Gunn Shares Bonus Mixtape for Spotify

James Gunn, director of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, has another surprise for fans. He decided to compile a mixtape of Meredith Quill's favorite songs. Laura Haddock played her in the films, Meredith was Peter Quill's (Chris Pratt) mother. Peter's journey to becoming Starlord began shortly after the young boy stormed out from his […]

"Onward" Review: A Love Letter to All Things Fantasy, D&D, and Family

"Onward" Was Initially Not Set in a Fantasy World at All

Onward has been on digital streaming services for a week now and is set to debut on Disney+ this Friday. It is a really well-done film and has a pretty straight-forward story. That is except for its setting. Putting this very deeply personal story in a modern world that contains magic was a genius idea, […]

James Gunn Talks 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3', Says "Rocket is Me"

"Guardians of the Galaxy": Director James Gunn Open to Spinoffs

Marvel always looks to expand its proverbial sandbox when it comes to its cinematic universe. The Guardians of the Galaxy became one of its biggest surprise success stories of the MCU mainly thanks to franchise director James Gunn. It's not far-fetched to say when he finally gets to work on Vol. 3, it could be […]

Opening This Week: Onward, Emma, The Way Back, Spenser Confidential, and More!

Opening This Week: Onward, The Way Back, Spenser Confidential

Opening This Week is a weekly look on Friday morning at what you can head to theaters this weekend to see, or stay in and watch on streaming. This week, March 6th, sees the release of the newest Pixar film Onward, Ben Affleck's, a new version of the Jane Austen classic Emma. Two new releases. […]

14 New Images from Spider-Man: Far From Home Tease a High Flying Adventure

Tom Holland & Chris Pratt Wanna Start An Avengers D&D Game

In what is probably one of the most awesome gaming things we've heard this year, two Avengers cast members want to start a D&D game. Apparently, Tom Holland and Chris Pratt have been trying for a while now to get a game going with some of the Avengers cast. Which has to be one of […]

Batman, Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy, Flash, Action Comics, Legion

The New Disney/Pixar "Onward" Movie Poster Is Just Too Classy For Me

Now, I am going to see Onward, the new Pixar movie, with the girls in eleven days time. It will be a goodly end to the half-term break. I won't be alone, that's when preview screenings will be occurring the world over. Because February 29th, Leap Day, is being treated as "Onward Day", with cinema […]

"Jurassic World 3" Bringing Back Laura Dern, Sam Neill, and Jeff Goldblum

"Jurassic World 3": Don't Buy into Casting Hype [OPINION]

Bless director Colin Trevorrow for bringing back Jurassic Park original stars Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum back into the fold for Jurassic World 3, but who are we kidding? It says more that stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard can't carry the franchise. When Goldblum was recruited to be in Jurassic World: […]

“Ghost Draft”: Sam Richardson Cast, Betty Gilpin, J.K. Simmons in Talks to Join

"Ghost Draft": Sam Richardson Cast, Betty Gilpin, J.K. Simmons in Talks

Sam Richardson is joining what's starting to look like a loaded cast in the sci-fi thriller Ghost Draft (working title) for Skydance Media and Paramount starring Chris Pratt and Yvonne Strahovski. Deadline Hollywood also reports Betty Gilpin and J.K. Simmons are in talks to sign on. Directed by Chris McKay (The Lego Batman Movie) and […]

Chris Pratt Promises 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3' Will Happen

Chris Pratt has a pretty big promise to keep now as the Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World star has made the lofty claim that a 3rd GotG film will happen. While speaking with Marc Malkin of Variety, "I promise there'll be a third movie, I don't know exactly what that's going to look like, but I know everyone […]

Chris Pratt Says the Situation Is "Complicated" Following James Gunn's Firing

It's almost been a full month since Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn was fired from the third entry in the franchise and Marvel/Disney cut all ties with the director. Since then the discourse surrounding the firing has been interesting to watch play out on social media. According to Chris Pratt, as he told […]