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Here's Why Friday the 13th: The Series Deserves Your Respect

Cunningham's Crystal Lake Chronicles and the pilot pitched to The CW don't appear to be coming back to life any time soon; so instead, we have gathered together today to praise -- not to bury -- producer Frank Mancuso, Jr.'s Friday the 13th: The Series. Lewis Vendredi made a deal with the devil to sell cursed antiques[...]

Jason Voorhees is Still Celebrating Friday The 13th, Coming to One:12 Collective

The infamous Crystal Lake killer is outfitted authentically from the film Jason comes complete with every weapon he used in the film: an axe, a machete, a cleaver, a wrench, a fireplace poker, a knife, and a spear gun.Having recovered from the events of Friday The 13th Part 2, Jason Voorhees relocates to the Higgins Haven[...]