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Cover image for DEMON DAYS MARIKO #1
Peach Momoko's reimagining of the Marvel Characters as part of Japanese folklore continues when the second installment of Demon Days, Demon Days Mariko #1, hits stores on Wednesday Check out a preview below. DEMON DAYS MARIKO #1 MARVEL COMICS APR210846 APR210851 – DEMON DAYS MARIKO #1 ASRAR VAR – $4.99 APR210853 – DEMON DAYS MARIKO #1 BARTEL VAR – $4.99 APR210850[...]
Demon Days: Part 3 Of Peach Momoko's Marvel Saga Hits This September
 This September, the third part of Momoko's Marvel saga will be released with Demon Days: Cursed Web  Momoko will again be handling the writing and illustrating duties herself, as she has previously with Demon Days: X-Men and Demon Days: Mariko. Demon Days: Cursed Web, cover art by Peach Momoko, courtesy of Marvel. Here's how Marvel summarizes what we can expect[...]
Peach Momoko Shows Of New Character Kuya For Demon Days: Mariko
Peach Momoko has teased her latest on Facebook, saying "Sneak peak of a new character for Demon Days: Mariko His name is Kuya Out June 16, 2021!" Demon Days is her series of comic book reinventing classic Marvel characters in a new world and storyline, based on Japanese culture and art And now we have[...]
PrintWatch: Star Wars: High Republic Get 5th, 4th and 3rd Prints
Issue 1 is getting a fifth printing, #2 is getting a fourth printing and #3 is getting a third printing. PrintWatch: Demon Days: X-Men #1 by Peach Momoko is also getting a third printing, with a 1:25 ratio variant cover by Mark Brooks as well No covers yet but we do have a couple of a[...]
PrintWatch: Batman
A bunch of second and third printing news comes to Printwatch, regarding Nocterra, Batman: Black And White, Avengers, Demon Days: X-Men, Two Moons, Crossover, The Department Of Truth. So what is getting what – and when? Batman: Black And White #3 is getting a second printing from DC Comics for the 14th of April. Avengers #43 is getting[...]
Peach Momoko Creates Demon Days: Mariko From Marvel In June 2021
Today sees the release of Demon Days: X-Men, the first superhero comic book written and drawn by Peach Momoko, better known for her covers on other comic books, and made an exclusive creator for Marvel Comics last year It is a) gorgeous b) moving and c) utterly unlike anything else Marvel Comics is publishing right[...]
Preview: Peach Momoko Demon Days X-Men
This week sees the launch of Peach Momoko's Demon Days: X-Men, her first superheroic comic book, and first comic book published by the Big Two It will not be the last. Momoko is a Japanese illustrator who began exhibiting at US comic conventions back in 2014 and saw American publication with a couple of stories picked[...]
Thank FOC It's Friday
Gomez which may also be fixing her origin. Deadpool Nerdy 30 #1 now has added Rob Liefeld and Gail Simone and will be your last Deadpool comic for ages. X-Men: Demon Days #1 Peach Momoko's first full-length superhero comic – X-Men: Demon Days – is up. King In Black is launching Captain America and Wiccan & Hulking tie-ins[...]
Peach Momoko's Demon Days X-Men begins in The King In Black #4
Marvel Comics has announced their new exclusive signing, Peach Momoko, will be writing and drawing her first Demon Days: X-Men story ahead of its launch in March, in the upcoming King In Black #4, scheduled for February. The artist, best know for her industry-wide variant covers, will introduce Demon Days: X-Men with a short story featuring[...]
Peach Momoko Writes & Draws Her First Marvel Comic, X-Men: Demon Days
In America, we have only seen that in much sought after issues of Heavy Metal Magazine edited by Grant Morrison. Now we know that it will be a new X-Men comic dubbed Demon Days: X-Men – which points to other Demon Days comics to follow Though it may take some time. Credit: Peach Momoko and Marvel. It will[...]