Why Don Bluths Space Ace Should Be Adapted to Film

Why Don Bluth's Space Ace Should Be Adapted to Film

While on his trail, Kimberly is kidnapped by his minions, Ace is hit by the ray and regresses into his younger teenage self as Dexter The infanto-ray has the ability to sap the age of its victim to a younger state, but Ace was only partially affected as he randomly changes and reverts from his[...]

Lili Reinhart Colin Kaepernick Katy Keene &#038 More: BCTV Sunday Slices

Lili Reinhart, Colin Kaepernick, Katy Keene & More: BCTV Sunday Slices

Unless you're a serious $$$-making merchandising machine for Vince (those ice cream bars and Fiend masks don't pay for themselves), if you're wrestling for the WWE then at some point you're probably going to experience firsthand that the company's track record in the area of health and safety is a tad bit shaky.Dexter Star John[...]

Breaking Bad Dexter &#038 More: BCTVs Finale-O-Meter Rates Series-Enders

Breaking Bad, Dexter & More: BCTV's Finale-O-Meter Rates Series-Enders

Elsewhere, Newhart, and Quantum Leap.[caption id="attachment_1230303" align="aligncenter" width="600"] A look at series finales for Breaking Bad, Dexter, and more (Images: AMC/ViacomCBS).[/caption]To accomplish this, I'll be unleashing the BCTV Finale-O-Meter, which runs on the Breaking Bad/Dexter engine So the way this works is that each of the following series finales is assigned a score of Dexter[...]

Dexter Star John Lithgow on Fans Ironic Love for Trinity Killer

Dexter Star John Lithgow on Fans' Ironic "Love" for Trinity Killer

EW recently ran polling of the work people best know Lithgow from by the actor, a list that included 3rd Rock from the Sun, The Crown, Footloose, Harry and the Hendersons, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, and more (we're going 98% spoiler-free, but you can check out the complete list here).[caption[...]

Bleeding Cool Picks Their Favorite Television Detectives

Bleeding Cool Picks Their Favorite Television Detectives

The chessmatch between L and Light/Kira is simply fantastic in every way - their little "death dance" never ceasing to draw me in.Jeremy Konrad: Angel Batista- DexterAngel is one of the most loyal characters I can remember in any television show, let alone a cop show One of the best detective looks of all-time, one[...]

New York Undercover: Dexters Luna Lauren Velez Returning for ABC Reboot Pilot

'New York Undercover': Dexter's Luna Lauren Velez Returning for ABC Reboot Pilot

Another cast member from the original series' run is returning for ABC's New York Undercover contemporary reboot/restart/reimagining/re???, with Dexter's Luna Lauren Velez set to reprise her role as Nina Moreno for the pilot Original show creator Dick Wolf, Ben Watkins (Hand of God), and director Anthony Hemingway  (Underground, American Crime Story) are spearheading the project[...]

Jessica Jones Creator Melissa Rosenberg Leaving Netflix Series for Warner Bros. TV Deal

Jessica Jones Creator Melissa Rosenberg Leaving Netflix Series for Warner Bros. TV Deal

While she will remain credited as the show's creator and executive producer, Rosenberg would obviously need to be replaced as showrunner should Netflix renew the series for a fourth season. with the Peabody-award winning series, Rosenberg's television credits also include Dexter, Ally McBeal, The O.C., Party of Five, Boston Public, and more; on the big screen,[...]

Pet Sematary Directors Dennis Widmyer Kevin Kolsch Break Ground on Filming

'Pet Sematary' Directors Dennis Widmyer, Kevin Kolsch Break Ground on Filming

Just when you thought it was safe to deal with mangy cats and small children with scalpels, Director Dennis Widmyer took to social media on Monday to tweet that he and co-director Kevin Kolsch have officially started filming their adaptation of Stephen King's beloved horror novel Pet Sematary. Produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Mark Vahradian, and […]

Dexter Plays It Safe Big Poppa Trump Dead Endings and More [The Weekly Static s01e36]

Dexter Plays It Safe, Big Poppa Trump, 'Dead' Endings, and More! [The Weekly Static s01e36]

and a talking penguin, chicken and pig to go on zany adventures with.‘Dead’ Man Blogging: Bleeding Cool’s The Walking Dead Finale/Fear the Walking Dead Premiere Live-Blog!Night Court’s Harry Anderson Dead at the Age of 65Claire Danes Says Homeland Will End After Season 8Impact Wrestling Star Scott Steiner Wonders Who Will Cut Grass if Trump Deports[...]

Dexters Michael C. Hall Isnt Playing It Safe in Netflixs Mystery-Drama Series

Dexter's Michael C. Hall Isn't Playing It 'Safe' in Netflix's Mystery-Drama Series

Hall (Dexter) from the streaming service and French cable channel Canal+ Author Harlan Coben (Found, Fool Me) also serves as executive producer; with Danny Brocklehurst (Shameless) adapting the work for series television.Here's your first trailer for Netflix's Safe, set to premiere on May 10: Safe, Hall plays pediatric surgeon Tom who is raising his teenage[...]

Murder: Luna Lauren Velez and Pallavi Sharda Join CBS Mock Doc Series

Murder: Luna Lauren Velez and Pallavi Sharda Join CBS Mock Doc Series

[caption id="attachment_802547" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit (Velez, left): lev radin - / (Sharda, right): Ga Fullner /[/caption]CBS understands that Detectives Mason Garrity (Michael Chiklis) and Ayana Lake (Teyonah Parris) aren't going to be able to solve this Murder on their own, signing up Luna Lauren Velez (Dexter) and Pulse's Pallavi Sharda as series regulars in the pilot for the upcoming[...]

Barzinga Episode 2: Batbeer

Barzinga Episode 2: Batbeer!

However, you need a CGC witness to watch these books get signed, that way they can verify that the signature is real.Signature Series books are sometimes worth more than an unsigned book, but that's a different topic for a different day.Interested in getting your books CGC Sig Series graded? You can reach Rich here: richhenn1@gmail.comYou[...]

James Remar Joins The Cast Of Gotham

James Remar Joins The Cast Of Gotham

He played a recurring role in the recent Shannara Chronicles on MTV as well as playing former cop Harry Morgan on Dexter Now he's signed on as a recurring role on the Fox series Gotham.According to Variety, Remar will be playing Frank Gordon, the estranged uncle of Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) who hasn't been seen[...]

Casting Roundup: Downton Abbey Stars Continue Their Big Screen Takeover

Casting Roundup: Downton Abbey Stars Continue Their Big Screen Takeover

[Allocine]• David Zayas, star of recently ended Showtime series Dexter, has rounded out the cast of Will Gluck's currently-filming remake of musical Annie starring Quvenzhane Wallis and Jamie Foxx Zayas will play a bodega owner who befriends the little girl and crushes on Cameron Diaz's Miss Hannigan [THR]• Downton Abbey star Jessica Brown-Findlay definitely left[...]

The Destiny Of Dexter Morgan

The Destiny Of Dexter Morgan?

The series finale of Dexter is only a few episodes away So what will happen to Dexter, Deb and some of our other favorites from Miami? There's still a possibility of a spinoff series, so anything could happen in the end The big possibilities: Dexter could…..Get caught and end up in jail. ..Escape and make a[...]