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Forbidden Planet Launches Its First Curbside Service In The UK
This weekend, British comic book retailers received the following message from Diamond UK, the international comic book distributor that remains the exclusive distributor of Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Dark Horse, Boom, Dynamite and more American comic book publishers to the UK and Ireland direct market of comic book stores and many other European destinations as[...]
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Diamond UK could distribute American comics to British stores at a certain percentage point of the retail value, but from  UCS and/or Lunar, it cost two-to-three times the retail value of the comics As a result, DC Comics backtracked and Diamond UK continued to distribute DC Comics to the UK and Europe And while this[...]
Delays To Diamond UK Comic Book Stores This Week
Diamond UK Comics Distributors have informed stores that the snowstorms in the USA have prevented new comic books shopping this week, the latest in a number of delays caused by shutdowns But they hope to be able to provide stores with everything missing the following week However, anything that they received previously to the delay,[...]
Police Find £500,000 Comics and Collectibles Stolen From Diamond UK
The haul had been stolen from an industrial unit in Wolverhampton – where they were being stored by an online retailer which trades worldwide – and from an associated distributor's warehouse in Runcorn." We know a distributor based in Runcorn, don't we, children? Diamond UK Who last month reported a major theft, the investigation of which[...]
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Lockdown 2, electric boogaloo… Diamond UK made the following announcement to comic book retailers yesterday, confirming that they will still be distributing comic books, even as English comic book stores go to lockdown from Thursday for a month – at least Diamond stated; Following on from the announcements over the weekend I can confirm that the[...]
Lost In Transit To The UK: DCeased, Dreaming and Sacred Six?
When Diamond UK returned to distributing comic books – and took back the UK/European distribution deal for DC Comics to comic book stores – it had a lot to catch up on Months worth of comics that had been stuck in warehouses were gradually distributed around comic book stores outside of North America There have[...]
List Of Notable Items Stolen From Diamond UK Warehouses
Last week, Diamond UK told retailers that they had been subject to a break-in at their Warrington warehouse, which was delaying comic book distribution that week We've now had an update over some of what was stolen, items that will be hard to source anywhere else right now, in case anyone comes across them. List Of[...]
DC Comics Will Continue To Be Distributed By Diamond UK In 2021
When DC Comics chose to no longer be distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors, in favour of two US comic book shops-turned-distributors, it caused real problems for the UK market, serviced by Diamond UK The UK makes up between ten and fifteen per cent of DC's direct market sales Shipping charges multiplied, leading UK retailers to[...]
Comics Delayed In The UK Until Thursday After Diamond UK Raided
Yesterday, Diamond UK could not be contacted by retailers over something they referred to only as an "incident" We've now learned that this incident was a serious break-in at the comic book distribution company's warehouses in Warrington/Runcorn in Greater Manchester. Diamond UK sent the following message to comic book retailers last night. Firstly thank you all for[...]
Diamond UK Had "Incident" Over Weekend
British comic store owners have had difficulty getting responses from Diamond UK this morning, but have now received the following mysterious message "SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Dear Retailer, There has been an incident at the Diamond UK warehouse & offices over the weekend For the time being calls & emails cannot be answered Updates will follow ASAP[...]
Amerang to Distribute DC Direct Statues and Toys to UK Comic Stores
The original article runs below with claims struck out. Bleeding Cool has been told by DC representatives that we were instrumental in persuading DC Comics to continue to use Diamond UK to distribute comics to the UK – until the end of the year at least But now it seems that West Sussex company Amerang has[...]
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Since Diamond UK reopened they have been distributing new comics to comic stores every two weeks rather than every week Bt as of July, that all changes Just as in England the social distancing will be reducing from two metres to one week, the comic store distribution schedule will shrink from every two weeks to[...]
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Diamond UK has updated comic book stores in the UK, and other territories that rely on their distribution, about dates of delivery Stores who can receive product should now have the delayed March 25th shipment that has been sitting in Diamond's Warrington warehouse Their new deadline for products ordered in the April 2020 Previews will be[...]
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Diamond UK shut their doors a week before the USA, with the final week's work of March comics held in their Warrington warehouses While Diamond USA is open to back order delivery, Diamond UK is not This coming week may see that change, however UK retailers have been told by Diamond UK representatives that they[...]
Diamond Previews UK catalogue for April 2020
Diamond Previews is a central part of the direct market comic industry This month it has been pointed out that the April Previews is still being kept in storage for British stores in the Diamond UK Warrington warehouses British stores are still closed, but many wanting to gather orders for months ahead When, hopefully, everything will[...]
Diamond UK Talks to British Comic Shops About Money Owed
Diamond UK is the British wing of American comic book distributor, Diamond As Diamond Comic Distributors closed its doors to new product in the USA, Diamond UK closed up a week earlier Currently, Diamond has issued an edict to comic book publishers that they will not be paying them for product received, something one publisher[...]
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While US comic book retailers were allowed to sell this week's comic books from Monday (if they could get them) ahead of a number of lockdowns on Tuesday evenings, and able to fulfil mail orders since, Diamond UK took the matter out of British comic shop's hands, by not distributing comic books at all this[...]
Orbital Comics of London to Stop Selling New Weekly Comics
To stop dealing with Diamond UK and the direct market And to transform into something else. It's not going anywhere, that is prime London retail space, but what it does with it will mean something else What, I don't yet know The gallery space, which has just finished exhibiting the work of Phillip Bond, is a[...]