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Anthem is Getting PC Test Servers for Future Update Tweaks
credit//BioWare In their latest Reddit post, BioWare addressed a number of features for Anthem that were missing from the massive 1.1.0 Update that hit this week However, the post also included a bit of news that we initially overlooked (sorry, our bad) BioWare also announced that they'll be introducing a Player Feedback Environment (PFE), which will work[...]
Respawn Entertainment is Pushing Back Titanfall 3 to Work on Apex
credit//Respawn Entertainment Respawn Entertainment used the EA blog today to announce that they're delaying work on the Titanfall franchise to continue supporting Apex Legends due to the success of their battle royale Most of the blog post focuses on the upcoming changes being made to Apex Legends to continue combating issues like "exploits, bugs, cheaters, and more" while also[...]
BioWare Addresses the Missing Features from Anthem Update 1.1.0
credit//BioWare In a recent update on Reddit, Anthem developer BioWare addresses the quality improvements that didn't make it into yesterday's massive Update 1.1.0. While the update yesterday fixed a ton of things that went wrong with Anthem, the biggest updates for Act 1 were pushed back so that the dev team can prioritize bug fixes, balance updates, and[...]
Anthem's Update 1.1.0 Adds New Strongholds and Balance Fixes
credit// BioWare EA and BioWare have released Anthem Udate 1.1.0 as part of their continued efforts to fix their game with updates and new content The patch is loaded with balance adjustments, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements as well as a new stronghold called The Sunken Cell, which is available for all players who[...]
Apex Legends' Stream Viewership has Dropped Massively in a Month
credit//Respawn Entertainment Despite it's early popularity, EA and Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends has taken a hit on Twitch In fact, according to a new report, the Twitch viewership for Apex is down 75% from its early numbers. From PC Gamer: The number of fans watching streams of Apex Legends on Twitch may have initially been double those of Fortnite, but a[...]
This Is Anthem | Gameplay Series, Part 2: Endgame
EA and BioWare's Anthem has had a rough go of it, between the game's rocky development cycle to its pre- and post-launch troubles, the game is currently the punch line for all the "companies releasing unfinished games" jokes Which is great for Fallout 76, but not for Anthem. Now, neither game is truly without hope[...]
The Original Burnout Paradise Servers will Go Offline This August
The news was announced on the official Burnout Paradise Facebook page, saying that the servers would be taken offline after nearly 12 years of service. The shutdown applies to all versions of the game which was released back in 2008 for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 You'll still be able to play the game offline and[...]
Anthem Hidden Message Corroborates Development Trouble Reports
credit//BioWare BioWare and EA's Anthem has had a troubled few months since it launched back in February Between game-breaking bugs, underwhelming gameplay, broken matchmaking, and bricked consoles just about everything that could go wrong with a game launch happened to Anthem. And then Kotaku published a report on the incredibly problematic development cycle that led to such[...]
Respawn Entertainment Reveals Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Trailer [SWCC]
In October of 2017, EA shut down production on a Star Wars game being developed by Amy Hennig's studio Visceral At the time, the reasoning for the shutdown of Visceral's project was to make it a "broader" experience rather than focus on a single-player campaign. While we've learned much about Hennig's unfinished project since it got binned, the[...]
Battlefield V — Official Firestorm Gameplay Trailer (Battle Royale)
EA and developer DICE have added a duo mode to Battlefield V's new battle royale mode Firestorm today The point of putting Duos in Firestorm and releasing it now is to get player feedback on the mode before making improvements, and likely bringing it back to Firestorm in the future. In a post on the Battlefield forums, DICE explains: Today[...]
The Sims has Partnered with Italian Fashion House Moschino
credit// EA Maxis, the studio at EA which develops The Sims, has entered into a partnership with Italian fashion house Moschino The partnership will be launched by Moschino's Jeremy Scott when he uses his annual Palm Springs Desert Party to launch a new capsule collection based on the game franchise. The ready-to-wear collection was inspired by the popular life simulation franchise,[...]
Anthem Update Fixes Javelin and Elysian Cache Loot Drop Bugs
credit//BioWare BioWare and EA have released the latest patch notes for Anthem, which fix a number of bugs relating to various loot drops. The two loot fixes players will be excited for are the patches that fix the Elysian Cache drops and another that assures loot will only drop for the javelins being used by players at the[...]
EA Lays Off 350 Employees in Latest Restructuring Venture
According to Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson, the game publisher has laid off almost 350 people in a restructuring move. Ostebsibly, the decision was made in order for EA to "better deliver" on their comittments. From Wilson's update on the EA blog: Today we took some important steps as a company to address our challenges and prepare for the[...]
Battlefield V Drops a New Trailer for the Firestorm Battle Royale Mode
credit// EA EA and DICE have dropped the first official gameplay trailer for Battlefield V's upcoming battle royale mode today Called "Firestorm" the battle royale mode looks pretty similar to the other multiplayer modes available in Battlefield V, but with that signature "free-for-all" twist, though the storm in Battlefield is made out of a ring of fire rather than[...]
EA Play logo
EA started the tend of publishers leaving E3 proper to host their own parties, and will continue that trend with EA Play in 2019 This year's EA celebration will take place from June 7th through the 9th with a kickoff event on the 7th Tickets to EA Play will go on sale next month and[...]
The 32-Player Rush Mode has Returned to Battlefield V
credit// EA The 32-player Rush Mode has returned and is now live in EA and DICE's Battlefield V The Rush mode was first seen in Battlefield: Bad Company, and the version brought to Battlefield V returns the mode to the traditional 32-player format This version of Rush is playable on the Twisted Steel, Narvik, and Devastation maps[...]
This Is Anthem | Gameplay Series, Part 2: Endgame
BioWare has detailed the upcoming Anthem patch in a livestream yesterday, and it looks like the March 12th patch will focus mostly on bug and balance fixes The stream occurred just shortly after the news hit that there was a major bug in the game's default weapons that made Level 1 weapons overpowered when used[...]
Anthem's Level 1 Defender Rifle is Better than a Masterwork
credit//BioWare Anthem's Defender Rifle is a level 1 weapon that gets set as your default when creating a new weapon set It's pretty common for shooters to have a default rifle of some sort, so the Level 1 Defender raised no eyebrows just by existing Instead, it seems the rifle is a bit broken. As discovered by[...]
The Underappreciated Magic of Anthem
It's is a game that has a lot of potential but is garnering ire due to it lacking a significant reason to log in every day, as well as some baffling design choices Critics, influencers and audiences are piling on to the game to pour fuel to the fire of the online discussion. credit//BioWare I share some[...]
Anthem Launch Trailer
credit//BioWare [rwp_box_recap id="0"] Anthem, one of the most anticipated titles of 2019, excels in some areas, but expectations fall flat in its execution. The PC experience may vary depending on the specs of your system, but for anything resembling a quality experience, it's definitely recommended for a dedicated higher-end gaming rig Initially, many who played the pre-released experienced[...]
BioWare Announced a 90 Day Anthem Update Cycle
The major part of that post was the 90-day roadmap for updates coming to the game, but it also included some commentary from Robertson on the game's launch cycle. According to Robertson, BioWare developers are excited for the game's full launch today, but also a little anxious, acknowledging that the Early Access launch was a right[...]
EA Australia's FireMonkeys Announces Mass Layoffs
Activision Blizzard announced nearly 800 job cuts earlier this month and ArenaNet just announced layoffs of their own yesterday Now, EA has begun a massive round of layoffs in its Melbourne studio FireMonkeys. From Kotaku: The studio was also developing Real Racing 4, although it's understood that the project was officially cancelled earlier this week[...]
Anthem Bioware
credit// BioWare [rwp_box_recap id="0"] Once BioWare announced Anthem way back in E3 of 2017 (after a tease during E3 2014), the game immediately had a ton of pressure to perform After all, it was the studio's next big project after the epic flop that was Mass Effect: Andromeda Sure, Andromeda got a worse reputation than deserved thanks to some incredibly[...]
Casey Hudson is Proud of Anthem on Launch Day
credit//BioWare Things have not been going so well for BioWare's new game Anthem throughout its early access phase, but the full launch is here today along with a hefty Day One patch Which makes it an odd occasion for anyone to announce that they're proud of the development team's work on the game so far[...]
Anthem's hilarious and horrifying cutscene bugs
So they might give you Andromeda flashbacks, but the bugs in Anthem's cutscenes are at least hilarious. The game's early access launch has also had some major connection issues, so it's turning out to be a pretty bad soft-launch period for the game We can hope the tweaks will be ironed out before the full launch, but that[...]
Respawn has Already Banned Thousands of Apex Legends Cheaters
However, with more players comes more cheaters Respawn Entertainment has already banned over 16,000 cheaters from the Apex Legends servers. Respawn addressed several bug fixes and problems players had been having with Apex in the game's dedicated subreddit That update included information on the number of cheaters who had been reported and banned from the game, as well[...]
Anthem Launch Trailer
And even without ranked competitive play, every shooter game in the last decade has had some kind of player vs player content. Sure, PvP may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the multiplayer of Mass Effect: Andromeda was the one aspect of the game that wouldn't be affected by the myriad problems that plagued the ill-fated Mass[...]
Star Wars Hasbro Triple Force Friday Logo
Star Wars fans and collectors: you will want to request off October 4th this fall. Announced this morning on StarWars.com is Triple Force Friday, when product from multiple Star Wars properties will be released worldwide This day will see figures, clothes, collectibles, and more from three Star Wars releases, including whatever Episode 9 is called, The[...]
Puzzle Platformer Unravel Two to Release on Switch in March
Coldwood and EA announced during a lengthy Nintendo Direct this week that their puzzle platformer Unravel Two will be released on Nintendo Switch in March The innovative string-based platformer builds off the original game with both a single-player and local or online co-op drop-in/drop-out modes The focus of the game is centered around the bond between[...]