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Funko Revisits Disney’s Sword in the Stone with New Pop Vinyls
Funko is now celebrating The Sword in the Stone with their newest set of Pop Vinyls We have already gotten one of the Pops for Wonder Con with Madam Mim having a Pig Nose, and now Madam Mim is back for even more The whole wave of Pops Vinyls will consist of: Disney's The Sword in[...]
LEGO Deploys The Bad Batch As Their Newest Star Wars Set
Starting off is the cheapest option with Funko and their wave of The Bad Batch Pop Vinyl Hunter, Tech, Echo, Wrecker, Crosshair, and Omega are all in here in an adorable Pop form perfect for in-box and out-of-box collectors With great detail and a small price tag, these are some simple collectibles Star Wars fans[...]
Funko Blasts off to the Future with a Huge Wave of Wall-E Pop Vinyls
Wall-E has had some amazing Pop Vinyls from Funko over the years, especially during Earth Day However, it looks like the popular Disney and Pixar animated feature is getting an entirely new wave of Pop Vinyls This wave is loaded with some incredible Pop designs and will include a 10", Movie Moment, and even a[...]
Funko Announces FunKon and Fundays Box of Fun Lottery
Funko's newest virtual convention FunKon 2021, has come to an end, and now we can look back at the recent summer event I have been collecting Pop Vinyls since 2012, and being Funatic has only increased over the years So it is always a treat when Funko hosts another event or convention, which has only[...]
Funko Fundays Reveals - More Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary Coming
We are rounding out some of the final Funko Fundays 2021 reveals with new Pops to look forward to in 2021 We are ending the announcements with a big wave of new Wonder Woman Pops to help celebrate her 80th Anniversary There has been a lot of Wonder Woman comics over the years from DC[...]
Funko Makes Ouija Adorable As They Reveal New Retro Toy Pops
We are covering some of the newest releases that Funko released during their 2021 Funko Fundays event We have already seen some new Soda Vinyls and new Pops for some of your favorite films like Jingle All The Way Funko switches gear to reveals some more of their new and simple Pop designs with their[...]
Funko Sundays 2021 Reveals - Rocky, Jingle All the Way, and Loki
FunKon has come to an end and Funko has not only added some new Pop to our collection but left us with some upcoming reveals We have rounded up some of the upcoming releases in one place with three new franchises coming to life right out of your screens Starting us off first is the[...]
Here Are All the New Funko Soda Vinyls Reveals for Fundays 2021
Funko ended their mighty FunKon event with some brand new reveals to showcase some upcoming releases Of course, you can not have new reveals without at last covering Funko Soda as five new vinyls are on the way Each of these vinyls will be limited edition and will come with a chase, but Funko has[...]
Funko Fundays Box of Fun 2021 (Funko Force) Unboxing
Funko FunKon 2021 arrives this week, and I could not be more excited as new Summer Exclusives finally arrive This year's virtual con is a little bit different than the previous one with an in-person Funko Hollywood component and, of course, Fundays! In the past, Funko Funday's has been a Press Event that is loaded[...]
Funko Pop! Blitz Reveals New Event Focused On The Mummy
The latest event to come to Funko Pop! Blitz will have you collecting character from the Universal Studios film The Mummy starting today Specifically, five new characters will be coming tot he match-three game from the 1999 film This includes the game introducing two never-before-seen figures in the form of Ardeth Bay and Jonathan Carnahan[...]
Funko’s New TMNT NTFs Introduce Gambling Into Pop Collecting
After months of waiting, Funko has finally unveiled its game-changing concept of collecting into the world of NFTs The company has unveiled their very first Funko Digital Pops, with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles heading exclusively to the WAX platform NFTs are non-fungible tokens that give collectors new digital collectibles capturing the classic Pop design[...]
Funko FunKon Day 5 Reveals - Marvel, Rocketeer, My Hero and More
All of the Funko FunKon 2021 reveals have come to an end and now Funatics are curious where these exclusive will be heading Thankfully, Funko has revealed their Shared Retailer Exclusives list showing fans where each of these reveals will be headed We are getting a nice spread this year with GameStop, Hot Topic, and[...]
Funko FunKon Day 5 Reveals - Marvel, Rocketeer, My Hero and More
The Funko FunKon 2021 reveals have come to an end with Funko not slowing down their massive set of exclusive announcements The day ended with a band with some big confirmed reveals for My Hero Academia and Marvel Comics that we originally saw during FUN TV Stating us off first is the only non-Pop announcement[...]
Funko FunKon Day 3 Reveals - Disney, Russo Brothers, and More
Funko FunKon 2021 reveals are still underway, and Day 4 went just as smooth as ever with a nice assortment of Pop debuts Day 4 started with The Simpsons as Belly Dancer Homer is heading to the convention this year with a hilarious design that fans will not want to miss Some new Disney Pops[...]