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Razer Releases Huntsman V2 & TKL Gaming Keyboard
Razer revealed a brand new version of one of their gaming keyboards as the Huntsman V2 has been revealed with a TKL version as well As you might suspect from the name, this is a top-to-bottom improvement over the previous version as they have adjusted everything to be faster and more responsive, as well as[...]
Razer Unveils The BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed Gaming Keyboard
This week, Razer unveiled a new entry into their line of gaming keyboards as we got introduced to the BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed This one was designed to have a slimmer streamlined appearance as you're looking at a 65% gaming keyboard with full-height keys, arrow and navigation keysets for maximum usability, and low-latency wireless connectivity[...]
CORSAIR Reveals K70 RGB TKL Gaming Keyboard & SABRE PRO Mice
CORSAIR recently showed off a couple of new products as we're getting a brand new gaming keyboard and a pair of gaming mice Starting with the keyboard, they have featured a brand new model in the K70 RGB TKL, designed specifically for esports pros as they have adjusted the keys and lighting and slimmed it[...]
CORSAIR Launches Two K55 RGB Pro Gaming Keyboards
CORSAIR revealed a pair of new gaming keyboards this week as they have two different versions of the K55 RGB Pro Gaming Keyboard The two versions are the standard version and the K55 RGB Pro XT, and aside from a $20 price difference, a few new odds-and-ends have been added to the XT version Both[...]
CORSAIR Reveals The K60 RGB PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
This morning, CORSAIR revealed a brand new product to their gaming line with the K60 RGB PRO Mechanical gaming keyboard The big thing about this one that separates it from others is that it is the first from the company to feature Cherry Viola keyswitches Which are designed to give both a better keystroke as[...]
Razer Launches New Line Of Blackwidow V3 Gaming Keyboards
Razer unveiled their latest addition to their gaming keyboard line as they have released the Blackwidow V3 Gaming Keyboards The company has released a regular version and a Tenkeyless version, the latter which you can see here, in black and in their new Quartz color scheme Fully programmable with custom lighting and interchangeable keys, this[...]
Razer Reveals The Huntsman Mini 60% Keyboard
Razer revealed a brand new smaller gaming keyboard this week as they unveiled the Huntsman Mini 60% Keyboard This is basically a much more compact version of their previous model, totally slicing off the keypad side and shrinking down the mold to be portable Giving you the ability to have a high-speed gaming unit that's[...]
We Review The Woo-Dy Mechanical Gaming Keybaord
The reason we're referring to this as a gaming keyboard instead of just your standard run-of-the-mill mechanical keyboard is that the designers, for whatever reason, went with a setup that's more conducive to esports keyboards you see these days There is no number pad, there's no media controls, there's no specialty buttons or function keys[...]
Review: Razer's Blackwidow Elite Gaming Keyboard
One of the cool products we got to test out clear back at PAX West with Razer was their new gaming keyboard, the Blackwidow Elite A lot of the Razer keyboards to come our way perform well, but they also provide different types of gaming experiences depending on what you're looking for So what does the[...]
Going Really Old-School: We Review the AZIO Retro Classic Gaming Keyboard
We get gaming keyboards from time to time from different companies, and while we love to check them out and see what everyone is doing, there's a lot of similarities in the style we never really comment on AZIO recently sent us a brand new keyboard to try out that definitely doesn't fit the mold[...]