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Constantine at 15: It got an R rating for "tone" and "demons" #SDCC
Image Courtesy San Diego Comic-Con @Home. In Constantine, Reeves played the eponymous John Constantine, based (somewhat loosely) on the Hellblazer comics from Vertigo/DC How loosely? Well, as Reeves so pithily explained, "I'm not English, and I'm not blonde." During production, they experimented with wigs and accents but finally decided to just make this a different take[...]
Hellblazer: Rise And Fall Gives Us John Constantine With Wings
Comic book author of DCeased Tom Taylor posted the following news on Twitter concerning a new Hellblazer series. Announcing HELLBLAZER: RISE & FALL! I'm teaming with my good mate and superstar artist @DarickR (THE BOYS, TRANSMETROPOLITAN) on a Black Label series for @DCComics We've been working on this in secret for a long time, and it's[...]
John Constantine Vs Racist Ghosts in Hellblazer #6 (Spoilers)
But this issue of John Constantine: Hellblazer #6 dealing with a preponderance of mystery deaths in a hospital, suffering under pressure is sadly as relevant now as it would have been back in April But it also gets a lot more relevant due to being published this week. It has been mentioned that writer Si Spurrier[...]
hellblazer nhs
This week saw a most excellent issue of John Constantine: Hellblazer #5 from Si Spurrier and Matias Bergara It's an excellent issue that, due to coronavirus greatly impacting all aspects of comic distribution, many stores in Britain get copies of.  As Britain celebrated the work of doctors, nurses and other staff of the NHS with[...]
John Constantine Vs The Man Bun – Hellblazer #3, BUY THIS COMIC
The current John Constantine: Hellblazer series has been a breath of fresh air, and today's #3 makes for quite the jumping on point Constantine has been away, see, messing with the superheroes, the Justice Leagues, the Heroes Of Tomorrow, and Britain has gone to pot a bit But there are those who have taken up the[...]
An Ending, A Beginning, And A Continuation
This is a shining example of what comics can be, and what they hardly ever are. John Constantine: Hellblazer 1-3 by Si Spurrier, Aaron Campbell, Jordie Bellaire, and Aditya Bidikar: The much heralded return of proper Hellblazer, which includes copious British slang, a pub, a tan trench coat, smoking, and a loose political connection with the[...]
Did John Paul leon Cast Jake Gyllenhaal as John Constantine?
John Constantine of Hellblazer fame was initially modelled on Sting Something that Lee Bermejo seemed to recall in the recent Batman: Damned series. In issue 1 of the new Hellblazer we got a look at a lot of John Constantines across realities, including those who looked like Keanu Reeves. But the cover of the second issue of[...]
Hellblazer #1 [Preview]
DC's Hellblazer relaunch kicks into full gear tomorrow as John Constantine: Hellblazer #1 launches, by Si Spurrier and Aaron Campbell, picking up from the Sandman Universe: Hellblazer Special that established a new status quo for a mature content Constantine Sadly, mature content doesn't go over as well for Constantine himself as this preview of tomorrow's[...]
Hellblazer Joins Sandman Universe in October
Starting in October with Sandman Universe Presents Hellblazer #1, Constantine will pull a magic trick of having two number one issues in a row as a new John Constantine, Hellblazer series launches the next month. Simon Spurrier will write both the one-shot and the ongoing, with Marcio Takara providing art for the one-shot and Aaron Campbell[...]