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Voidtrain Has Officially Launched On Steam This Week
After being exclusive to the Epic Games Store, developer and publisher HypeTrain Digital finally released Voidtrain for Steam this past week The game is everything you have already played on the EGS, with all of the updates and content released for it to date, giving Steam players the exact same experience from the start We[...]
Gatekeeper: Eclipse Announces January 19th Release Date
HypeTrain Digital and Gravity Lagoon revealed this past week the new release date for Gatekeeper: Eclipse, as the game will now be released on February 27th The game was originally slated to be released on January 19th, but was pushed back a month to give the devs a little more time to work out some[...]
Voidtrain Will Have A Free Demo During February's Steam Next fest
Indie developer and publisher HypeTrain Digital confirmed this week that Voidtrain will be releasing a free demo for this month's Steam Next Fest If you haven't seen this game yet, the premise is that you have joined up as a crew member of an Interdimensional Express Train that traveled between parallel dimensions While on board,[...]
Gatekeeper: Eclipse Announces January 19th Release Date
Developer Gravity Lagoon and publisher HypeTrain Digital will be releasing Gatekeeper: Eclipse on January 19th for PC via Steam This particular release is basically a prologue to the main game, which is just Gatekeeper But we have no idea when that one is coming out yet, beyond the fact that it's been earmarked for 2023[...]
There Is No Light To Receive Massive Update On January 7th
Developer Zelart and publisher HypeTrain Digital revealed this morning that There Is No Light is getting its biggest update so far The team is preparing the game for a console version sometime in 2023, but before that happens, they're adding a bunch of content to the PC version to make it pop since it came[...]
HypeTrain Digital, along with developer Goose Minded has officially released the full version of SuchArt this week, leaving Early Access If you haven't seen this game yet, this is a first-person artistic sandbox title in which you will make new forms of art to be seen throughout space in special galleries and for unique clients[...]
Cyberpunk JPRG Jack Move Will Release In September
Developer So Romantic and publisher Hypetrain Digital announced that the cyberpunk JRPG Jack Move is coming out next month With artwork and mechanics that will give you some throwback vibes, you'll play as a vigilante hacker who is turn-based fighting her way through a world of murder, hacking, and kidnapping after her father turns up missing[...]
Tower Princess Will Have A Free Demo During Steam Next Fest
Developer AweKteaM and publisher HypeTrain Digital revealed that Tower Princess is set for PC and console release on September 8th The storybook-style 3D roguelite platformer has been on our minds since it was previewed a while ago, but it seems like the team was working to figure out just when it would come out Now[...]
Outbreak Island Receives New Developer Diary Video
HypeTrain Digital and Tiny Magicians have released a brand new developer diary for Outbreak Island, introducing players to the game This video shows off some of the more distinguishing features that you'll find throughout the island and what separates it from that of other survival sims We get a sample of how the basic gameplay[...]
Tower Princess Will Have A Free Demo During Steam Next Fest
HypeTrain Digital and AweKteaM revealed this week they'll be releasing a free demo of Tower Princess during Steam Next Fest If you haven't seen this one before, the game is a cute 3D roguelite platformer where you play a noble knight doing his knightly duty trying to save princesses being held captive But not every[...]
Black Book Announces New DLC Called "Endless Battles"
Indie developer Morteshka and publisher HypeTrain Digital unveiled a brand new DLC pack coming to Black Book called Endless Battles As you may have guessed from the title, this isn't going to be a walk in the park for even the most experienced player This DLC is a new roguelike mode that will be available[...]
Mago: The Villain's Burger Will Launch February 7th
Dream Potion Games and HypeTrain Digital have set up Mago: The Villain's Burger to be released on Steam in a few days on February 7th, 2022 This retro 2D platformer will have you playing as a bearded sorcerer who, unfortunately, ate the food of an evil overlord who now wishes to do him harm He[...]
SuchArt: Genius Art Simulator Enters Early Access On July 14th
Independent video game developer Voolgi and publisher HypeTrain Digital have announced that their upcoming game, SuchArt: Genius Art Simulator, will be entering Early Access for Steam and the Epic Games Store on July 14th of this year The game will cost $19.99 USD to purchase, with a 10% discount available for the first week of its[...]
Breathedge Will Release For Consoles On April 6th
HypeTrain Digital and RedRuins Softworks revealed today they are releasing Breathedge onto all three major consoles on April 6th The game has been on PC since late February, putting players in the weird position of trying to survive in space with their immortal chicken while trying to solve what happened to a crashed spaceship The[...]