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Black Panther Ultimates #1 cover by Kenneth Rocafort

5 Days of Black Panther, Day 5: New Avengers, Ultimates, and Secret Wars

They knew that, eventually, they would have to destroy another Earth like their own.[caption id="attachment_793412" align="aligncenter" width="600"] New Avengers #22 art by Kev Walker and Frank Martin[/caption]After Captain America’s reticence and moral hangups became a problem, Dr Strange mind-wiped and expelled him from the group This was far from the only in-fighting[...]

Darkhawk #51 cover by David Nakayama

Marvel Legacy Darkhawk #51 Review: A One-Shot that Lays Groundwork for More

His identity crisis over possibly losing Darkhawk is fascinating to read about.[caption id="attachment_753537" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Darkhawk #51 art by Kev Walker and Java Tartaglia[/caption]Plus, Kev Walker is here to provide some great artwork His characters generally look really good His Darkhawk is a bit more oddly shaped than I’m used to, and it looks a[...]


Bowers, Sims, And Walker Bring Back Darkhawk For One Issue Only In Marvel Legacy

Now, we've got the creative team for Darkhawk #51: Chad Bowers, Chris Sims, and Kev Walker.The news was revealed in an interview on Newsarama so EXCLUSIVE, it will require a the jaws of life to pry the website's lips from Marvel's butt In that interview, Bowers reveals plans to turn this one-shot opportunity into an ongoing[...]

A Second Marvel Zombies Title For Secret Wars And What Is The Shield?

Well now we are getting a second.Bloody-Disgusting has worked with Marvel PR to announce a Marvel Zombies series by Si Spurrier and Kev Walker for June. With an irresistible premise, this new series follows Elsa Bloodstone as she’s dealing with the sisyphean task of defending “The Shield,” a barrier on the southern hemisphere of Battleworld[...]

Bleeding Cool's 11 Best Comics Of 2014

Avengers/New Avengers from Marvel Comics, written by Jonathan Hickman, with art by Leinil Francis Yu, Kev Walker, Simone Bianchi, Valerio Schiti, Jim Cheung, Mike Deodato, Rags Orales, Salvador Larroca and moreDespite its pretense, this is really just one comic book, with each title taking a diametric opposite viewpoint but running one story for a few years now[...]

Extinction, Descent And Frenemies Teasers – Marvel At NYCC

The Zero #1 team work on something… Avengerish. Is this something Winter Soldierish? And if this is Secret Avengers, what was the Defend thing? Secret Defenders? Is this Hopeless and Walker's sequel to Avengers Arena? Avenger Down? The Avengers A.I. team… presumably this is… Avengers A.I. What's becoming clear with these teasers that, even though […]

Avengers Arena Is Game On… But Some People Want It To Be Game Over

Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker are taking over still on Avengers Arena in April With some kind of board game thing.You know, I don't think these folk will be won round. The cancellation of Avengers Arena by Dennis Hopeless: Cancel Avengers Arena and retcon the deaths that have happened.Marvel has gathered together our favorite teenaged characters[...]

Marvel NOW Teases SURVIVE! From Dennis Hopeless And Kev Walker

Marvel has just teased a new series as part of Marvel NOW!, with the word SURVIVE and the team of Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker from December.Bleeding Cool had heard the rumour that they might both be on a new Secret Avengers book But this looks a little.. bloodier.This followed yesterday's similar tease.The Punisher team[...]

MarvelNOW! Kev Walker On Secret Avengers – But With Hopeless Or Spencer?

I'm told that the Kev Walker is the new artist on Secret Avengers as part of the MarvelNOW! relaunch, the 2000AD artist currently drawing as much Judge Dredd as he can in Dark Avengers.But who to write the book? Well I have been told two possibilities Either Nick Spencer or Dennis Hopeless And the word[...]