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King of the Hill: Revival of Mike Judge Series Won’t Happen on Fox
Fans of Mike Judge & Greg Daniels' animated series King of the Hill have a whole lot of reasons to be pretty damn happy today, with news that Hulu has given a series order for a revival Stemming from 20th Television Animation, Judge & Daniels are creating & executive producing the series, with 3 Arts'[...]
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And it's brought in an impressive line-up of friends to help make its case, including Rick and Morty, Eric Andre, Robot Chicken, The Boondocks, Smiling Friends, King of the Hill, Bob's Burgers, Futurama, YOLO, Metalocalypse, and more. Image: Adult Swim Screencaps So from getting into the holiday spirit to the importance of family at this time of[...]
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And they've enlisted our dimension-hopping duo along with Bob's Burgers, King of the Hill, Smiling Friends, Robot Chicken, and The Boondocks to help demonstrate their point. Image: Adult Swim Screencap So to see why Adult Swim is thankful for family, food, the gift of song, and (of course) The President of the United States of America (and[...]
How King Of The Hill Nailed Thanksgiving, Warts And All
King Of The Hill is one of the best TV shows ever at taking an honest and dry look at everyday American life (hopefully, it'll be back soon), and as such, it took aim at Thanksgiving several times during its time on the air. Image: Adult Swim YouTube Screencap King Of The Hill aired on FOX for[...]
King of the Hill: Revival of Mike Judge Series Won’t Happen on Fox
With the Beavis and Butt-Head revival on Paramount+, questions naturally turned to creator Mike Judge's other major animated show, King of the Hill The series originally ran on Fox from 1997-2010, but if a revival is to happen it won't be on the network "That's not going to be with Fox," Fox Entertainment president Michael[...]
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Last week was a good week for both animation fans as well as fans of Greg Daniels & Mike Judge's King of the Hill First, we learned that Daniels and Judge were teaming up to form the new animation company Bandera Entertainment (along with former YouTube head of originals Dustin Davis) With that news also[...]
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Some good news for King of the Hill fans, with series creators Greg Daniels and Mike Judge confirming on Tuesday that the beloved FOX animated sitcom would be making a return But if you're a fan of animation overall, then you're loving the great news shared that the revival is part of Daniels and Judge[...]
FOX Animation Comes to Life with Upcoming Loyal Subjects Figure 
Four shows will be a feature in the release, Family Guy, American Dad, Bob's Burgers, and King of the Hill There will be 12 figures coming out, as I can tell 2 are chase style variants and I'm unsure of the rarity just yet All will be priced at $11.99 (prices can vary in stores) and are set[...]
Turkey Day Leftovers: Animation We're Thankful to Stream- Aqua Teen, Archer, and More!
Also if you have cable thenmake sure to look at the individual network's apps, too: for example, Adult Swim offers a ton of shows to choose, including "instant marathons." Credit: FXX/Fox/Comedy Central/Adult Swim King of the Hill This slice of Americana dropped all thirteen of its seasons on Hulu on November 1st, and it's something we're thankful for[...]
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It seems that Fox is eyeing a return of the long-running animated series King of the Hill: Group chairman and CEO Dana Walden said the network has had "preliminary conversations" with King of the Hill creators Greg Daniels and Mike Judge about bringing the Hill family back. "I would like to explore that[...]
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King of the Hill, the 13-season animated series from Greg Daniels and Mike Judge, might just find its way back to Fox. Dana Walden, Fox Chairman, told reporters today: "We have had preliminary conversations with Greg and Mike, and I would like to explore that We had very preliminary conversations Given what's going on in the country,[...]