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Alex Ross' Astro City Poster Pencils Up For Auction, Only $360 So Far
It has to go higher than that, doesn't it? Alex Ross' Astro City Poster Pencils Up For Auction, Only $360 So Far Here's a scan of the original poster for comparison. Wizard poster of Astro City Alex Ross Wizard the Comic-Magazine #83 "Astro City" Pull-Out Poster Preliminary Artwork Original Art (Wizard, 1999). Alex Ross' original pencil design for the poster that would[...]
The Marvels, Off The Marvel Missing-In-Action List
The Marvels was another of the Kurt Busiek-led anniversary series that was to have run last year until the coronavirus kicked in It was added to the Missing In Action list but was neither rescheduled nor cancelled when the industry began to ramp up again Earlier this week, that changed and the series was re-announced[...]
Is Astro City Leaving DC Comics Too, For New Graphic Novels?
Recently, Kurt Busiek gave a number of PR-friendly interviews regarding the return of his superhero worldbuilding series with Brent Anderson, Astro City, as an original graphic novel Of late, Astro City has been published by DC Comics after they bought its former publisher, WildStorm But it has been through a few imprints and publishers –[...]
From Podcasting About X-Men to Writing Them: Jay Edidin Tales Cyclops
Credit: Marvel Marvels Snapshot is curated by Kurt Busiek, who has worked with Jay Edidin on and off for over a decade, as the writer revealed in a conversation spotlighted at Marvel.com The writer, who will tackle an early Cyclops tale, also spoke about the pressure of writing X-Men now that he is known as an[...]
Other confirmed creators for the first year of the club include Kurt Busiek for Marvels, Mark Waid for Kingdom Come, Scott McCloud for Understanding Comics, Klaus Janson for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, and Neil Gaiman for Sandman, with many more being added weekly. Monthly club selections from all three clubs are freely exchangeable from an[...]
Alan Brennert and Jerry Ordway Launch Marvel Snapshots, Curated by Kurt Busiek
That Ross would draw the first episode and would write subsequent issues for others to draw or paint. Then last month while Kurt Busiek was guesting on the Marvel podcast he talked about the Marvels dramatic podcast series being created for Stitcher, on which he is consulting And he also talked about his own involvement in the[...]
LATE: Batman: Creature Of The Night #4 Must Be Out This Year
Batman Creature Of The Night is a prestige mini-series that has been a long time coming from Kurt Busiek and John Paul Leon. The first issue came out in late November 2017, intended to be a companion piece to Batman: Secret Identity. Young Bruce Wainwright lost his parents in a violent crime…and in the real world, no superheroes exist to save the[...]
Marvel Drops "Stan Lee's" Venus, More on Marvel Unlimited for Valentines Day
Definitely worth a look if you're a Marvel Unlimited subscriber. Also added is the entire 6-issue run of The Order by Kurt Busiek and Matt Haley from 2002, a follow-up to Busiek and Erik Larsen's Defenders series, and a three-issue Man-Thing series written by Hans Rodionoff, who wrote the script for the 2005 Man-Thing movie, with art[...]
Marvel Celebrates 25 Years of Marvels with Veritable Variant Cover Bonanza
Face front, true believers! Marvel Comics is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross's Marvels in the only way they know how: with a @#$%load of variant covers, baby! We already knew about Alex Ross's Marvels 25th Anniversary variants launching in January, as well as the February release of Marvels Annotated, which will[...]
Now Marvel to Publish Dark Horse's Conan Comics in New Epic Collections
A new press release from the House of Ideas highlights a new idea: collecting the Conan comics Dark Horse published while they held the license, beginning with Kurt Busiek and Cary Nord's 2004 work. Continuing its celebration of the return of CONAN this January, Marvel is excited to announce the release of two volumes of CONAN[...]
Kurt Busiek avengers
But what was great was they let me do whatever I wanted because they expected nothing from it. Well, Kurt Busiek, who was writing the Avengers comic at the time and who left the series as a result of the Ultimates existence, wanted to set the record straight. Lovely to see my AVENGERS run still getting crapped[...]
Astro City: FremantleMedia Secures TV Series Rights, Co-Creator Kurt Busiek to Pen Pilot
Credit: Vertigo FremantleMedia North America is going from flawed gods to all-too-human heroes, with the American Gods producer having acquired the rights to develop writer Kurt Busiek and artists Brent Anderson and Alex Ross's superhero comic book series Astro City as a live-action television series Busiek and Rick Alexander will pen the pilot; and executive produce[...]