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American Horror Story Season 8 Teaser: The Signs of the 'Apocalypse' Are Upon Us!
Murphy also confirmed that Coven's Taissa Farmiga and Gabourey Sidibe have been invited to return and suggested that Lady Gaga's "original supreme" would also be playing a part in the crossover. Paulson's Billie Dean Howard appeared in Murder House, and her Cordelia Foxx appeared in Coven Peters played ghostly teen Tate Langdon in Murder House and fraternity president Kyle Spencer in Coven[...]
American Horror Story: Apocalypse Finds Its Anti-Christ in 'Versace's' Cody Fern
Murphy also confirmed that Coven's Taissa Farmiga and Gabourey Sidibe have been invited to return; and suggested that Lady Gaga's "original supreme" would also be playing a part in the crossover. Paulson's Billie Dean Howard appeared in Murder House, and her Cordelia Foxx appeared in Coven Peters played ghostly teen Tate Langdon in Murder House and[...]
A Star Is Born poster
Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper has been working hard on his directorial debut film, a remake of A Star Is Born starring none other than Lady Gaga The film was originally slated for an earlier release but was pushed back to fall. In this new take on the tragic love story, he plays seasoned musician Jackson Maine, who discovers —[...]
Barbra Streisand Says Lady Gaga in 'A Star Is Born' is "Very, Very, Good"
It's very, very good," Streisand said. Bradley Cooper (who is also directing the film) and Lady Gaga are playing the roles Kris Kristofferson and Barbra played in the 1976 version; which was a remake of the 1954 film starring Judy Garland, which in turn was a remake of the 1937 version starring Janet Gaynor. (Entertainment Tonight wrongly says the 1976 version was the original, not the[...]
Buffy, Punk, Dr. Who, Black-ish and Inclusion Riders! [The Weekly Static s01e31]
The previously announced all-star concert will feature Alessia Cara, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Miranda Lambert, John Legend, Kesha, Little Big Town, Chris Martin, Shawn Mendes, Maren Morris, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and SZA performing classic songs made famous by John. The concert also features special appearances by John Batiste, Neil Patrick Harris, Christopher Jackson, Anna Kendrick,[...]
Pink to Perform National Anthem at Super Bowl LII
Beautiful Trauma, her most recently released album, debuted at the top spot on Billboard's 200 chart and was a career high for her in first week sales; with her 2018 Beautiful Trauma world tour kicking off in Phoenix, Arizona, on March 1st. The Super Bowl National Anthem has had a long history of name acts who've stepped[...]
mary j. blige
Blige among its executive producers. Credit: musicisentropy via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0 Though still in its early stages and having just received a script order from the network, the potential series is described as: "A music-fueled drama that follows a young choreographer who, in order to redeem her damaged reputation in the cutthroat music/dance world, must invest in[...]
Dave Chapelle Signs On For A Star Is Born Remake With Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper
According to sandwich-themed Hollywood gossip blog The Wrap, Dave Chappelle has signed on to star in the film, along with the already attached Andrew Dice Clay, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, who will also direct We'll let you figure out who is playing who. This is actually the second attempt to reboot the Star Is Born franchise[...]
The Suicide Squad By Way Of Lady Gaga Thanks To The Hillywood Show
The comedy sister duo of Hilly and Hannah have previously tackled Twilight, Supernatural, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Doctor Who and have now decided to tackle a Suicide Squad framed parody of Lady Gaga's Judas. Directed by Hannah, and starring Hilly as Harley Quinn and Caine Keenan as The Joker, they've created another parody video[...]
American Horror Story: Hotel Trailer Stresses Lady Gaga
it's going to be weird and Lady Gaga is in it Or at least that's what I'm taking away from the 30 second video There is a Twin Peaks kind of vibe going on here too, or that could just be me. American Horror Story: Hotel debuts October 7th on FX [youtube][/youtube] [...]
2 New Teasers For American Horror Story: Hotel
American Horror Story: Hotel returns this fall with a cast that includes Lady Gaga, Matt Bomer, Kathy Bates and Sarah Paulson We have two new teaser images and they are a bit scary… enough that Captain Obvious would tell you not to stay there. American Horror Story: Hotel debuts Oct 7th on FX. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Lying In The Gutters – 4th August 2014 – Lady Saga
And, no, I'm not exactly sure why I just amended that Lady Gaga/Saga picture I think I must have been in a fugue state But what have you been reading this week? When you haven't been watching the Guardians Of The Galaxy film that is? Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week Bill Mantlo, Co-Creator Of Rocket Raccoon,[...]
First Look At The Muppets New Thanksgiving Special (With A Bit Of Lady Gaga)
It seems like an odd pairing, The Muppets and Lady Gaga, but if you think about it – and if you watch this first bit of footage – it actually makes some sense. [youtube][/youtube] A little sexual innuendo from Pepe kicks things off, with Gaga looking like a Muppet herself as she seeks advice on how to[...]
Swipe File: Lady Gaga And Dazzler
This is the cover to Bluewater's third biographical comic about Lady Gaga (in comparison, Hilary Clinton has only been worth of on) But is it familiar at all? Lets check in with photographer Eliot Brown over on Dazzler in the nineteen eighties. UPDATE: Not Bill Sienkiewicz… oops. In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble[...]