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Marvel Comics continues its focus on its Marvel's Voices line, from individual books focusing on individual minorities, often themed to a certain month, week or day, to more general all-encompassing anthologies, themed to a certain comic book line of characters And so it is following Marvel's Voices: X-Men with Marvel's Voices: Avengers for December, with[...]
Full Marvel Comics August 2023 Solicits & Solicitations
Marvel's Voices began as a podcast from Marvel Comics with video components aimed at spotlighting creatives of colour around the Marvel Universe, before becoming a regular comic book anthology, celebrating diversity across the Marvel Universe and often times to specific celebration months.  Marvel's Voices: Indigenous Voices and Heritage focused on Native American talent and characters[...]
Marvel's Voices Announce Bishop, Silver Surfer & Wakanda Forever
The Marvel's Voices panel at New York Comic Con 2022 hosted by writer, editor, and podcast host Angélique Roché with creators Eve L Ewing, John Jennings, Danny Lore, Steve Orlando, Cody Ziglar, and Marvel's Voices Editor Sarah Brunstad And they announced four new print comic book projects And just as DC Comics with their Milestone[...]
Marvel celebrates Latin/x voices in the best way possible in this preview of Marvel's Voices: Community #1: the way where you give Marvel seis dólares! But cynicism aside, at least nobody is holding a bag of tamales in space Or at least not in the preview Check out the preview below. Marvel's Voices: Community #1 by Alex[...]
Marvel previews
And have grouped a few together below that revive previous period of Marvel Comics, such as Marvel's third Marvel's Voices: Identity #1 celebrating Asian comic book characters and creators, as well as Iron Fist #2 and Silk #5. Find other early Marvel previews here. Early Previews For Voices: Identity #1, Silk #5 & Iron Fist #3 Early[...]
Marvel Steps Up Game for Olivier Coipel Marvel's Voices Pride Variant
But what if there was a way to celebrate LGBTQAI+ equality even more? What if you could give Marvel ten bucks more than once? Face front, true believers! The House of Ideas has got your back with a new variant cover by Olivier Coipel for Marvel's Voices: Pride #1! Excelsior! You may have noticed that first paragraph is[...]
Loki Variants Featured on Variant for Marvel's Voices: Pride
But what if there was a way to celebrate LGBTQI+ equality even more? What if you could give Marvel ten bucks more than once? Face front, true believers! The House of Ideas has got your back with a new variant cover by Amy Reeder for Marvel's Voices: Pride #1! Excelsior! Reeder's variant features Asgardian trickster god[...]
Black Cat Has a Threesome for Marvel's Voices: Pride Variant Cover
If Wolverine can do it, why not Black Cat? Felicia Hardy is featured on a Jen Bartel variant cover for the upcoming Marvel's Voices: Pride, having her cake and eating it too in bed with Spider-Man and Odessa Drake Good for you, girl But don't tell Mary Jane Or better yet… send her an invite? Marvel's[...]
A Second Marvel's Voices: Identity #1 For May 2022
Marvel Comics just put out a promo for Marvel's Voices: Legacy #1, out tomorrow This is the second Marvel's Voices: Legacy #1 – ignore the issue number, that's just how they do it, that celebrates black comic book characters and creators at Marvel Comics But when Marvel PR sent out the trailer for the comic[...]
Cover image for Marvel's Voices: Legacy #1
Marvel Celebrates Black History Month in the best way possible in Marvel's Voices: Legacy #1… the way where you give Marvel six bucks Or, as the Marvel calls it, "the mighty marvel method."Hey, it's a formula that works, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it Check out the preview below. Marvel's Voices: Legacy #1 by Cody[...]
Cover image for Marvel's Voices Community #1
Marvel has never met a community they wouldn't like to exploit, so in that spirit, check out a preview of Marvel's Voices Community #1, celebrating the Latinx community in the best possible way: the kind of way where you give Marvel ten dollars! Marvel's Voices Community #1 MARVEL COMICS AUG211100 JUL218231 – MARVELS VOICES COMMUNITY #1 BUSTOS VAR –[...]
Speculator Corner: Reptil and Marvel's Voices: Comunidades (Spoilers)
The 10th of November sees the delayed publication of Marvel's Voices: Comunidades from Marvel Comics, the latest one-shot in the Marvel's Voices series, which will turn the spotlight to Latinx characters and creators from the Marvel Universe The solicitation states "Come join the festivities as marvel celebrates the mighty Latin-x heroes and creators from all[...]
Marvel Comics Publish Latinx Edition of Marvel's Voices: Comunidades
Marvel Comics will be publishing the latest of their Marvel's Voices series of one-shots, that follow similar one-shots that have focused on various characters and creators of certain communities, including Native Americans, LGBTQ, African Americans, East Asians, and more The latest, Marvel's Voices: Comunidades #1 for October focuses on Marvel characters and creators with a[...]
Marvel's Voices #1 – First Appearances Of The Children Of The Atom
Marvel's Voices #1 was the first of a series of anthologies bast on the Marvel podcast of the same name, celebrating a diversity of narrative voices at Marvel Comics Published in February 2020 with creators Geoffrey Thorne, Brandon Montclare, James Iglehart, Rob Markman, Luciano Vecchio, Jj Kirby, Jahnoy Lindsay, Brian Stelfreeze, the X-Men/Wakanda race rivalry[...]