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Penny Arcade Says PAX Events Will Return, If Safe To Do So
Penny Arcade updated fans today about 2021's PAX events saying they will return, but only if it is safe to do so in their respective locations For starters, PAX South in San Antonio has officially been canceled for 2021, so that event is scrapped It also appears that there's something in the works for PAX[...]
PAX Unplugged Officially Canceled, Will Return In 2021
Penny Arcade revealed today that due to the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, PAX Unplugged 2020 has been canceled Rumors had been going around on social media that the event was getting nixed after PAX West and PAX Aus moved online and became PAX Online for 2020 Because the format primarily centered around video games and[...]
Interview: PAX's Tabletop Ambassador Krystina “Orisha” Arielle
Last week, PAX revealed a set of ambassadors for their 2020 events, which included Krystina "Orisha" Arielle becoming their Tabletop Ambassador She joins Jesse Cox, Sonja Reid, Justin Wong, and Robin Hunicke as they will head to all of the PAX events this year, starting with PAX South in San Antonio this weekend We had[...]
"Gold Express" Confirmed to Release in 2019
The cyberpunk-style asymmetrical shooter, Gold Express was confirmed at Pax to release in an early access state during Fall 2019. Source: Dawn Studios Developed by indie dev, Dawn Studios, Gold Express features 4v1 multiplayer akin to Dead by Daylight A team of four players are required to work in tandem to defeat a rogue AI unit[...]
PAX South 2020 Badges Will Go On Sale Starting In August
Penny Arcade revealed the official date that badges will go on sale for PAX South 2020, including prices for all three dates happening in January The official sale date will be August 1st as they will return to the Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center from January 17th–19th As far as prices go, the three-day badges[...]
Penny Arcade's Jerry Holkins Talks PAX Unplugged 2019
Earlier today, Penny Arcade announced that PAX Unplugged's tickets were officially on sale Now, we chat with Jerry Holkins about the event We got a chance to chat briefly with Holkins about the now December tabletop convention as well as a few subjects leading up to the release of their D&D book. Jerry Holkins credit//Penny Arcade BC: Something[...]
Penny Arcade's PAX Unplugged 2019 Tickets Are Now Available
Penny Arcade has announced that tickets for their upcoming PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have gone on sale starting today The tabletop-focused convention has been slated to run from December 6th-8th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and will be the 50th PAX event for the company Right now the prices currently have Three-Day Badges for[...]
Beyond Blue at PAX East
E-Line Media has done a fantastic job of capturing the spirit and feeling of being underwater. Unlike previous demos of the game I've played, the PAX East 2019 demo build was brighter and smoother than ever While that isn't always the case while you're diving, it does make for a far more welcoming experience for the[...]
Endless Mission at PAX East
  The Endless Mission is described by developer and publisher E-Line Media as "a community-driven creation sandbox game where you play, mashup, and mod iconic game genres in order to make your own creations and experiences to share with the world." However, that was not the version of the game I demoed at PAX East this[...]
The Best of GDC's Brazil Games Showcase
GDC and PAX East this year hosted a Brazil Games Showcase, which brought some of the best indie games from Brazil to the states in order to look for publishers, and press. Several of the showcase games were up for awards at GDC Play this year, and quite a few took home top honors I was[...]
SNK Announces Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection
During a panel at PAX East this weekend, SNK announced a new series anthology for Samurai Shodown, which will hit all modern game consoles this fall. Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection will include: Samurai Shodown I Samurai Shodown II Samurai Shodown III Samurai Shodown IV Samurai Shodown V Samurai Shodown RPG Samurai Shodown Sen Two NeoGeo games The project is being developed in collaboration with Digital Eclipse who[...]
Nintendo's Smash Bros and Splatoon 2 Tournaments will End at E3
Ultimate North American Open 2019 tournaments were crowned at PAX East this weekend. The four-player team FTWIN nabbed the final win for the Splatoon 2 final, while the three-person team of Wrath, Devonte, and Poltergust took the win in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate finals Poltergust won the final match with Yoshi. However, the North American Open tournaments are not the[...]